Hidden Figures

Although diversity and inclusion have improved in medicine overall, the radiology profession faces continuing challenges and special opportunities.

diversity 3Granville C. Coggs, MD, FACR, staff radiologist at Brooke Army Medical Center at Fort Sam Houston in Texas, evaluates an X-ray. (Image courtesy of Andricka Hammonds, U.S. Department of Defense.)

Marcus F. Wheatland, Sr., MD, was the first African-American radiology specialist and the 11th president of the National Medical Association, the largest and oldest national organization representing African-American physicians and their patients in the United States.

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What's Next for the Annual Meeting?

The format at ACR 2018 will re-emphasize governance and the business of advocating for radiology.acr 2018 1

The ACR Bylaws charge the Council with the duty to make policy for and thereby guide the direction of the organization.

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Scholarship in Action

Young radiologists learn to design and execute a playbook for sustained practice growth and success at the RLI Leadership Summit.

GettyImages 520409700

Lean operations, AI, value-based versus volume-based imaging… The Radiology Leadership Institute® (RLI) annual summit focused on these subjects and more. Here are some top takeaways from the 2017 RLI annual summit scholarship recipients.

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Radiology and Population-Based Reward Systems

What role will imaging play in the next generation of payment models?GettyImages 545863975

With the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015 (MACRA), the way physicians will be paid going forward will look very different from how we have been paid in the past.

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When Opportunity Knocks

An insider's look at health system leadership and how to get there from hereknocks

Three radiologists embark on a journey that takes them from internship to leadership. No, that's not the opening line of a joke.

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ACR 2017 in Pictures

Check out these photos from ACR 2017: The Crossroads of Radiology.acr 2017 in pics

This year's annual meeting held a ton of excitement for members, including lessons on machine learning, patient experience, and more.

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The New Rules of Leadership

This year's RLI Leadership Summit goes deep on finding your individual leadership style, creating sustainable success, and preparing your practice to respond to change.rules of leadership

Faculty at the 2017 RLI Leadership Summit hail from all corners of the business world.

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Investing in Radiology

The College's strategy for financial sustainability ensures a solid foundation for radiologists and their patients.investing in radiology

The ACR was established to serve the needs and interests of radiologists. While the challenges the profession faces have changed over time with the ever-shifting health care environment, the heart of the ACR has never wavered.

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ACR 2017 CEO and BOC Chair Reports

acr 2017 brink

On Sunday, James A. Brink, MD, FACR, and William T. Thorwarth Jr., MD, FACR, reported on the state of the ACR from the BOC chair’s perspective and the CEO’s perspective, respectively.

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ACR 2017 

Here's what you missed


The Bulletin team has loved our time at ACR 2017. Radiologists engaged with patients, grew confident in the role with machine learning, advocated on the Hill, and learned about the most important topics facing the specialty, among countless other activities. We've rounded up some of the best news from the meeting in case you've missed it. See you next year at ACR 2018!

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In Case You Missed It

ACR 2017: Tuesday, May, 23  

 tuesday roundup

Here are the goings-on from day three of ACR 2017

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In Case You Missed It

ACR 2017: Sunday, May, 21  

 ACR2017 Crowd web

ACR 2017 started off with a bang. Here are the goings-on from day one of the conference.

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In Case You Missed It

ACR 2017: Monday, May, 22  


ACR 2017 has begun! Here are the goings-on from day two of the conference.

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Meet the Moreton Lecturer

Jeffrey C. Bauer, PhD, gives a sneak peek at his ACR 2017 session — and his take on the future of health care.

bauer acr 2017 moreton

Health futurist and medical economist Jeff Bauer, PhD, recently talked to the ACR Bulletin about his upcoming Moreton Lecture at ACR 2017, Forecasting Futures of Radiology at the Crossroads: It’s All Downhill from Here on Up.

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Radiology Champions

The specialty’s first champion was selected based on his focus on reducing unnecessary imaging for ICU patients.Radiology champions

Jeffrey P. Kanne, MD, was recently named radiology’s first champion in the American Board of Internal Medicine Foundation’s Choosing Wisely Champions program.

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Growing the YPS

What is the ACR doing to support members entering practice for the first time?Growing the YPS

The ACR Young and Early Career Physician Section (YPS) represents a strong segment of the College at around 7,983 members.

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Meet the ACR Leadership: Bibb Allen Jr., MD, FACRmeet ACR leadership

This is an installment of a series titled “Meet the ACR Leadership.” Throughout the series, we interview the ACR Leadership to get insight into their background and involvement in the ACR. For this installment, we talk with Bibb Allen Jr., MD, FACR.

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Final Read

Matthew M. Miller, MD
final read

Q: When did you know you wanted to be a radiologist?

Well, I would love to say there was a great thunderclap moment — an instant when even disinterested passersby would have to admit my unmistakable radiologist identity burst forth for the first time. But my path, it turns out, was a bit more gradual than that.

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What has the ACR been doing to obtain new CPT codes for contrast-enhanced ultrasound?

The College is working strategically to ensure fair reimbursement.new CPT code

As chair of the ACR Economics Committee on Coding and Nomenclature, I hear from members almost daily since the FDA-approved IV contrast use in liver ultrasound last year.

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Onboarding: Achieving Long-term Success for the Practice and New Radiologistlong term success

The many years of education and training physicians undergo provides them with multiple transitions to new environments as learners and professionals.

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YPS Executive Committee – Yearly Recapyearly recap

Over the past year, the ACR YPS Executive Committee (EC) has been busy and productive.

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Meet the ACR Leadership: James A. Brink, MD, FACR
acr rfs brink april

This is an installment of a series titled “Meet the ACR Leadership.” Throughout the series, we interview the ACR Leadership to get insight into their background and involvement in the ACR. For this installment, we talk with James A. Brink MD, FACR.

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Fast Jets for RFS

fighter pilot rinzler rfsPrior to residency, I had the privilege to work as a flight surgeon in the United States Air Force.

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Know Your Councilors

Meet some of the members of the ACR Council.know your councilors

The success of the College depends on an informed and engaged membership. In May, the ACR Council will convene at the Crossroads® to consider resolutions and elect the next group of leaders for the College.

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A New Meaning to Teamwork

How radiologists can build high-functioning teams to improve job satisfaction, performance, and patient care.a new meanging to teamwork

To rate value to their practice and to their patients, radiologists traditionally highlighted their individual performance through relative value units (RVUs). They'd isolate themselves in reading rooms to focus on interpreting more images without interruptions.

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The Moorefield Fellowship Experiencemoorefield fellowship experience

This past October, I was honored to participate in the American College of Radiology Moorefield Fellowship in Economics and Health Policy.

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Leading the Field

Recognizing leaders in the imaging community.Leading the Way

Each year, the College awards individuals whose work and dedication advances and strengthens the specialty. Spanning continents and subspecialties, this year's recipients include diverse individuals from across the community of imaging.

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Balance Billing

How can practices shield their patients from "surprise" bills and insurance coverage gaps?Balancing Billing

Last spring, I had the pleasure of speaking at the Texas Radiological Society annual meeting, where I learned first-hand the struggles some of our states have had in regard to the issues of "balance billing," also referred to as "surprise billing."

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Nominees for 2017 Positions


Look who's running for office.

At ACR 2017, the ACR Council will vote on the following slate of candidates recommended by the College Nominating Committee (CNC).

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Meet the ACR Leadership: William T. Herrington, MD, FACRGettyImages 610861498

This is an installment of a series titled “Meet the ACR Leadership.” Throughout the series, we interview the ACR Leadership to get insight into their background and involvement in the ACR. For this installment, we talk with William T. Herrington, MD, FACR.

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Poised to Lead

Radiology Leadership Institute Summit participants learn applicable business lessons.poised to lead

Following through with change is hard. See past New Year's resolutions for proof.

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Meet the ACR Leadership: Alexander Norbash, MD, FACRacr leadership

This is an installment of a series titled “Meet the ACR Leadership.” Throughout the series, we interview the ACR Leadership to get insight into their background and involvement in the ACR. For this installment, we talk with Alexander M. Norbash, MD, FACR.

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Radiologist, Inc.

How radiologists can craft their own personal brand.radiologist inc

It's no secret that many radiologists spend plenty of time in a dark reading room. Even though that's changign thanks to initiatives like Imaging 3.0®, imagers work hard to define their reputations in the workplace.

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Standing Out from the Crowd

What does your brand say about you and your practice?

Branding Brink Radiology

This past September, I had the privilege of attending the fourth annual summit of the Radiology Leadership Institute® held at Babson College in Wellesley, Mass. Each year, I have found the programming to be absolutely terrific.

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Recap of the 2016 AMA Interim Meeting: A Radiology Resident’s PerspectiveAMA meeting

The 2016 Interim Meeting of the American Medical Association (AMA) recently convened in Orlando, FL, from November 11‒November 15.

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Meet the ACR Leadership: Geraldine McGinty, MD, MBA, FACRMeet the ACR Leadership

This is an installment of a series titled “Meet the ACR Leadership.” Throughout the series, we interview the ACR Leadership to get insight into their background and involvement in the ACR. For this installment, we talk with Geraldine B. McGinty, MD, MBA, FACR, Vice Chair of the ACR Board of Chancellors (BOC). She was previous Chair of the Commission on Economics and assistant professor of radiology at Weill Cornell Medicine.

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Bringing Interaction Back

New York University Langone Medical Center's department of radiology leverages technology to give radiologists a more active role in patient care.

nyu langone rounds

Before PACS technology, doctors had to visit the radiology reading room to see x-rays. When PACS made scans more accessible to clinicians, their interaction with radiologists waned.

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Shattering Radiology’s Glass Ceiling

My experience as the first female chief in an all-male program.shattering glass ceiling

I was sitting in the CT reading room when I received the text message from my Program Director…"Congratulations Chief!"

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Meet the ACR Leadership: Bruce Hillman, MD, FACR

This is an installment of a series titled “Meet the ACR Leadership.” Throughout the series, we interview the ACR Leadership to get insight into their background and involvement in the ACR.meet acr leadership

For this installment, Anthony Trace, MD, PhD, resident at Eastern Virginia Medical School, interviews Dr. Bruce Hillman, MD, who is the Founding Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of the American College of Radiology, Professor and Former Chair of Radiology at the University of Virginia.

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Strategic Alignment

Radiologists can use the power of networking to strategize for value-based care.GettyImages 512892572

With all the changes happening in health care, it's more important than ever to look ahead to the future and strategize your next move.

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Becoming a Change Leader

This year’s RLI Summit discussed machine learning and how to place patients in the center of care.GettyImages 504365817

September 8-11 2016, marked another successful collaboration between the Radiology Leadership Institute(RLI)® through the American College of Radiology and one of the nation's top business schools, Babson College.

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ACR RLI Leadership Summit 2016 HighlightsRLI Summit

Do you think those in business have little to teach physicians about how to work effectively in a hospital? Think again.

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YPS Leadership Perspectives: Taj Kattapuram, MDYPS Leadership

This is first installment of a series entitled “YPS Leadership Perspectives.” Throughout the series, we will interview the YPS Leadership to get insight into their background and involvement in the ACR.

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Why I Got Involved

Organized radiology runs on the efforts of vibrant and diverse volunteers. What are you waiting for?why i got involved

It would never have occurred to me to run for an ACR position. I found myself running for vice speaker of the ACR Council only at the urging of several former speakers, who encouraged me to try for the position and see the difference I could make as a leader in the ACR.

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The Next Step

sept leadership nxt step

Transitioning into a leadership position within a radiology practice or department requires a specific skill set and a lot of commitment.

Radiologists move into leadership positions within practices and departments through a variety of paths.

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Resident Work-Life Balancework life balance

There’s an alarming trend across radiology: physician burnout. Recent articles in the JACR® and RSNA News have highlighted the declining job satisfaction of radiologists.

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Meet the ACR Leadership: Adam Specht, MD

This is the first installment of a series titled “Meet the ACR Leadership.” Throughout the series, we will interview the ACR Leadership to get insight into their background and involvement in the ACR.leadership

For the first installment, I will be interviewing Adam Specht, MD, who is in his second year on the ACR College Nominating Committee (CNC), for which he was elected Vice Chair.

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Why I Belong to A3CR2

(And why you should too.)A3CR2

As a chief resident, have you ever wondered how to motivate and engage your fellow residents?

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RLI Leadership Summit Toolkit

Toolkit Main

By now, we all know that radiology and health care are going through fairly large paradigm changes. For radiologists, this has translated into a shift from fee-for-service to value-based imaging models.

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Competing Through Operations

Saturday, Sept. 10 – 8:30 a.m. - Noon

Well-run radiology enterprises are identifiable, distinct, and are essential to success. Such examples typically have succeeded by paying very close attention to both production and financial management.

The competing through operations session will encompass two learning modules. The first module examines the concept of operational excellence as a component of strategy. Most organizations strive to be operationally excellent but very few achieve this level of excellence. Failure to achieve operational excellence often results from the failure to fully define the concept in the context of the organization’s strategy. Operational excellence is not a ‘one size fits all’ concept. The first module will explore the sources of advantage that organizations can secure through superior operations and the critical capabilities that an organization must develop in order to successfully execute an operations-based strategy. The second module incorporates a more external, customer-focused view of operational excellence. Specifically, the module will examine the role of customer loyalty, a desired outcome of operational excellence, as a driver of both growth and profit.


Analysis of Radiology Business Models
This strategic value framework helps radiology practices best position themselves in their environments.

Lessons From the Happiest Place on Earth
Lessons in customer service

Leading in the World of Business and Medicine: Putting the Needs of Customers, Employees, and Patients First
Tips from the business world on how to make the patient front and center.

Customer intimacy, meet operational excellence
Organizations that have historically competed on customer intimacy can simultaneously strive for operational excellence.

Dynamics of Value Claiming in Negotiations

Sunday, Sept. 11 – 8:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

Radiology’s financial success is secured not simply through pricing and resultant payment; rather, securing payment and revenue generation, and therefore financial success, hinges on successful negotiation.

Negotiations play a role in both creating value and dividing it among the players involved.  Using experiential exercises, this session will help you develop your negotiation skills.  You will assess your current abilities in deals that require value claiming or basic bargaining skills.  You will learn the key attributes for claiming more value in deals.  These are fundamental ideas that can be powerful tools for any level of negotiator.


Negotiation Techniques for Health Care Professionals Learn the essential components of negotiation prep and common techniques for optimizing agreements.

Mixed SignalsBoost your emotional intelligence to improve your relationships, strength your negotiating skills, and upgrade your career.

The Value of Hard WorkCreating a system for quantifying value-added activities helped one practice save its hospital contract.

How Physicians Should Negotiate with Payers Even if the practice is run efficiently,  with low overhead, if the payer contracts are not properly negotiated or worded, it can  result in a loss in net revenue.

Negotiation Techniques for Health Care Professionals Basic negotiation terms and how-to for radiologists

Governing in Today's Climate: Leading and Making Decisions Under Uncertainty, Speed and Change

Friday, Sept. 9 – 1:30 - 5:15 p.m

Radiology leadership has become more exciting and vital as margins have decreased, and as the way we do business changes in an environment with increasingly complex regulations and competition.

To better align with and address changes in technology, regulations, and the nature of health care, leaders must rethink how they govern their organizations. Given the rapidity and uncertainty of such changes, no longer can they over-analyze data before making decisions, nor can they rely on past experiences to determine the best future options. Risks must now be assessed differently, resources allocated in more dynamic and flexible ways, and decisions made faster while ensuring that subconscious cognitive biases don’t result in bad choices.

In this session, we'll look at how we govern today and what needs to change across mindsets, processes and decision making. We'll strive to develop a new blueprint that each organization can take back to begin a new model for governance in their practice.


Medical Practice Governing Agreements: A Little Planning Goes a Long WayAn effective governing agreement can mitigate risk and help your practice thrive.

The Anatomy of Group DysfunctionGetting to the root of practice management issues demands a look at governance structure and business model.

How to Have an Honest Conversation About Your Business StrategyOpen communication with staff at all levels can revolutionize the way you do business.

The Metamorphosis of a PracticeAs the health care industry moves toward value and away from volume, some facilities are finding both challenges and opportunities as they turn to a more service-oriented business model.

Building a Value-Based Performance

Saturday, Sept. 10 – 1:30 - 5:15 p.m

Radiology’s future will in large part depend on a significant focus on pricing and the customers’ willingness to pay, both of which hinge on a clear understanding of the derived value of services provided.

There is increasing discussion on how radiologists should view their practices in terms of the value they add to the larger health care enterprise. The challenge is figuring out how to convert this appealing but nebulous idea into something more specific and actionable?

This session, grounded in finance, will cover ideas to help you think more rigorously about value and adding value. How do you associate a value to an activity? How do you separate what are truly value-added activities from those that are not? What to do more of, less of, and to stop doing? How do you transition an imaging practice to a more value-added focus?

The ideas covered in this session will also help you in rethinking your organization’s operations and business model.


The Value of Hard WorkFind out how Samir B. Patel, MD, tangibly showcased his practice’s value to his administration via the value-based matrix.

Most Valuable (Radiology) PracticeFind out how to become a value-based practice with these suggestions from the ACR Managed Care Committee and RBMA

The Total Value Equation: A Suggested Framework for Understanding the Value Equation in Diagnostic RadiologyWhat is value, and when speaking of value creation strategies, what is it exactly that is meant?

The Strategy that will Fix Health CareThe strategy of value-based care

Defining Your Personal Brand

Friday, Sept. 9 – 8:30 a.m. - Noon

There are distinct examples of branding and personal branding that have brought recognition and the consequence of strengthened market share for both individuals and organizations in radiology.

Learn how the core concepts of personal branding can be applied to raise your professional profile and ultimately grow your practice. In this session, you will uncover your unique strengths, skills, and talents; learn how to create a compelling story, deliver a memorable elevator pitch, project a positive professional presence; and learn strategies to build your network in person and online.

The session will include a panel of your successful peers who will talk about their experiences in building a personal brand.


Personal Branding Is A Leadership Requirement, Not a Self-Promotion CampaignWhy should you work on your personal brand?

Define Your Personal Leadership Brand in Five StepsTake quick, actionable steps in determining your personal brand.

The Complete Guide to Building Your Personal BrandOne of the most comprehensive looks at how to build your personal brand

5 Steps to Building a Personal Brand (and Why You Need One)People want to do business with other people, not companies.

Immunity to Change - Closing the Knowing-Doing Gap

Thursday, Sept. 8 – 1:30 - 5:15 p.m.

Radiology has survived and flourished at the edge of innovation and change in medicine. Ensuring our continuing ability to not just envision, but also implement change, will guarantee our future.

Creating value often requires doing things differently. Such change is hard because what it demands from us goes beyond a checklist of tasks. Even if we accept change intellectually, our thoughts, feelings, unconscious biases, assumptions, habits of mind and action, and other commitments can be obstacles to executing change.

In this session, we will learn how to overcome these obstacles to change and to close the knowing-doing gap.


John Kotter’s Plan to Accelerate Your BusinessIn the fast-paced modern economy, businesses can no longer rely on just one organizational design.

How Have Kotter's Eight Steps for Change Changed?Four key revisions in John Kotter's eight step process for leading change.

Kotter's 8-Step Change Model: Implementing Change Powerfully and Successfully Whether you're considering a small change to one or two processes, or a system wide change to an organization, it's common to feel uneasy and intimidated by the scale of the challenge.

Overcoming the Barriers to Change in Healthcare SystemVarious studies show that 60 to 80 percent of major change initiatives fail. Here's how to not become a statistic.

10 Principles of Change ManagementTools and techniques to help companies transform quickly

Change Is Coming — But the ACR Stands Ready.

Is your practice on board?


In light of the new rules on value-based care, the College is determined to ensure that members realize all the tools and resources available to help them take advantage of the new payment models coming their way.

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The Rule of Thirds

At one of the world’s most successful companies, executives devote their largest fraction of time to one single thing.july bulletin ge leadership

It's a universal truth of business that where we focus our investments is where we place our value. If you look at the way your own practice prioritizes investment, what patterns can you pick out?

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Taking the Lead

Samir B. Patel, MD, created a document to safeguard his practice’s contract. What he didn’t realize is he’d started a national conversation on value.new image

It's a challenge all of health care is facing right now — how do you define value? At its most basic level, valuable means being worth something to someone.

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Mixed Signals

Boost your emotional intelligence to improve your relationships and upgrade your career.Emotional Intelligence

What qualities lead to success in business? The average response might be a high IQ or keen insight into upcoming trends.

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Catch Your Wave

As alternative payment models emerge, radiologists must find their place in the shifting paradigm.CatchtheWave

The tide of health care is turning. On one side is the traditional fee-for-service model, in which radiologists and other physicians are paid according to the number of exams they read and patients they see.

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Charting the Future

Get to know the College’s new leaders.


The Board of Chancellors (BOC), the ACR’s executive body, has elected new officers for the 2016–17 year. While these leaders are well known throughout the College, these short profiles will help you get to know them better.

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Change Agents

The Radiology Leadership Institute® is empowering radiologists who are ready to shape the future of radiology.


The only thing that is constant is change.” So said ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus of Ephesus, and what was true in c. 500 BC still resonates today.

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Final Read

Courtney Tomblinson,MD

FinalRead5 20

Q: Why did you choose the imaging specialty?

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Final Read

Ainsley V.MacLean, MD


Ainsley V. MacLean, MD, regional medical director for imaging services at MAPMG and president of the District of Columbia Metropolitan Radiological Society (DCMRS) 2016–2017 (center) poses with Shashi Ranganath, MD, assistant regional medical director for imaging services at MAPMG (left), and Andrea Giacometti, MD, FACR, diagnostic radiologist at MAPMG and councilor and past president of DCMRS.

Q: What advice do you have for future women leaders in radiology?

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Rounding Up ACR 2016

Here's what you missed


The Bulletin team has loved our time at ACR 2016. Radiologists engaged with patients, partnered with programmers at a hackathon, advocated on the Hill, and learned about the most important topics facing the specialty, among countless other activities. We've rounded up some of the best news from the meeting in case you've missed it. See you next year at ACR 2017!

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ACR 2016 Council Session

BOC Chair Report: Part of the Care Team


“If you’re in medicine, you’re in politics.”

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In Case You Missed It

ACR 2016: Sunday, May, 17


Here's what happened yesterday at ACR 2016.

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Taking Aim

The chair of the Board of Chancellors outlines priorities for the next two years.

BOC Chair

As I looked over the attendees of our annual meeting this year, I was seized with a sense of excitement at the prospect of serving as chair of the Board of Chancellors. I am so proud of our organization, our specialty, and our members.

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Making Lemonade

The influx of baby boomers into the Medicare population is causing changes in the health care landscape. But it isn’t all dire.


Baby boomers are the largest generation of Americans ever. Every day, about 10,000 of these individuals turn 65 and become eligible for Medicare. At this rate, the number of Medicare enrollees will increase from 54 million to more than 80 million by 2030.

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A Combined Approach

Radiologists are working with their colleagues to improve the patient experience through initiatives big and small.


When her husband, Nick, was diagnosed with stage 3 rectal cancer in 2004, Jennifer L. Kemp, MD, FACR, diagnostic radiologist and body imaging subspecialist at Diversified Radiology in Denver, thought she knew what to expect. By then Kemp had been a private practice radiologist for seven years, experience she thought would make navigating her husband’s care — including surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, and imaging — seem like second nature.

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New Rules of Engagement

The world of radiology is changing. Here’s how the ACR is positioning the specialty for success.


This will be my last Bulletin column as your chair of the ACR Board of Chancellors. As I look back, being involved in organized medicine, in particular organized radiology, has made my professional life most rewarding.

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Walking the Walk

The newest ACR commission is setting out to revolutionize patient care. In the inaugural meeting in Augusta, GA, members got a crash course in what the future of health care might look like.

Bleu PFCCpost

“The way you have to teach patient- and family-centered care is by bringing the patient into the room.”

— Pat Sodomka, pioneer of patient-centered care

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Professional Guidance

The most successful mentorships benefit both mentors and mentees.


A few years after joining Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center, Eric A. Walker, MD, reluctantly participated in a mandatory junior faculty development program. Through the program, Walker was assigned a mentor, an orthopedic surgeon nearing the end of his career who often volunteered in Honduras.

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Traveling Toward Patient-Centered Care

The Commission on Patient- and Family- Centered Care convened to lay the first steps in value-based care.


On February 12, 2016, thought leaders from across the country met for the inaugural meeting of the American College of Radiology’s (ACR) new Commission on Patient and Family Centered Care (PFCC).

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More Than Theoretical

ACR’s impact on payment policy goes beyond intangible goals and makes a measurable difference for radiologists and their patients. 


After an eventful legislative finale for 2015, I’ve been pondering the impact on radiology of the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2016 (also called the Omnibus Reconciliation Act) enacted by Congress in December 2015. Our influence resulted in the inclusion of the roll back of the professional component Multiple Procedure Payment Reduction policy (MPPR) from 25 percent to 5 percent.

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Preparing for the Business of Radiology: A Nontraditional Approach

One physician’s path from management consultant to radiology resident


Alexander Misono, MD, MBA is a radiology resident at Massachusetts General Hospital, but he’s already switched careers. After a stint in management consulting, Misono changed course and headed to medical school. The Bulletin caught up with Misono to discuss the areas of overlap in radiology and business and the various paths to gaining business experience in a medical context.

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Six Ways to Understand ACR Governance and Impact College Policy

The council needs your input and participation. Here’s how to get started.


The success of the College depends on an informed and engaged membership. Understanding ACR governance and how you can impact College policy is critical to achieving this goal. We present six actions you should take to help shape the future of your College.

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Crossing Over

The gap between generations of radiologists isn’t as wide as you’d think.


The millennial generation is self-absorbed. Generation X is overly cynical. The baby boomer generation lives to work. These stereotypes — and more — saturate conversations whenever the topic of age comes up.

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Raising the Bar 

The College recognizes leaders from throughout the radiology community.

iStock 000075918687 Small

Each year, the College recognizes individuals whose work supports quality patient care and advances the specialty. This year we honor radiologists, radiation oncologists,and ACR staff who push themselves and those around them to do more and to do it better. All awards will be presented at the ACR 2016 Convocation in May.

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The Perfect Radiology Report

For the greatest impact on patient care, radiologists must write clear and concise reports.


It might be tough to imagine now, but referring physicians used to visit radiology reading rooms daily to review film-based images and talk with radiologists about exam findings.

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Moving Forward

Get the latest from the Board of Chancellors and the Council Steering Committee fall meeting, held Sept. 28 through Oct. 1, 2015.


With a packed agenda, the Board of Chancellors (BOC) and the Council Steering Committee (CSC) covered a lot of ground at the most recent meeting. Here are some of the high points to keep you informed.

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3 Things to Read Today

Intriguing links from around the web

Links 12 30

This week, we’re learning how to use big data, finding out key leadership strategies, and more.

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Progress Report

One year ago, the College launched the ACR Strategic Plan. Where are we now?

12 17

January 2016

For a strategic plan to be effective, it must be a living document with frequent evaluations, additions, deletions, and modifications to ensure we are meeting the goals. After a thorough review, the ACR Board of Chancellors concluded that we are making progress on all of the objectives in the strategic plan. We have made great strides over the past year.

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Psyched Out

The emotional tolls of radiology can make it difficult to lead, but these tips can help you overcome them and succeed.


January 2016

Few people talk openly about the emotional demands of being a radiologist: confronting patient mortality, a chaotic professional environment, declining reimbursement rates, and growing pressure for productivity and accuracy on a daily basis. Radiologists-in-training and mid-career radiologists rely on the specialty’s leaders to demonstrate how to manage these challenges.

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A Quality Assist

As new informatics challenges arise, radiologists support their referring clinicians and health systems in becoming more efficient. 

Michael Jordan is arguably the greatest NBA basketball player of all time. Not because he won the most league titles (Bill Russell won 11 to Jordan’s six), nor because he scored the most points (Kareem Abdul-Jabbar holds that honor).

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Point of Failure

Radiologists will inevitably make mistakes, and they must be prepared to handle them.


January 2016

About a decade ago, Michael A. Bruno, MD, FACR, professor of radiology and medicine and vice chair for quality and safety at the Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center, was interpreting a patient’s abdominal CT, when he made a mistake. The patient had an unusual partial bowel obstruction, but Bruno misinterpreted the finding.

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Stand Out

The 2016 Special Leadership Issue

stand out banner

January 2016

Health care is rapidly changing. Value is king, and physicians are searching for their place in this value-based, patient-centric world. This issue of the Bulletin, partnered with the Radiology Leadership Institute®, gives readers insights into bringing patient-centric care into their practices, tips for leading and inspiring change, and advice on dealing with the pressure of burnout and the possibility of failure.

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Leader of the Pack

Gaurab Bhardwaj, MBA, PhD, explains the ins and outs of good organizational leadership.

RLI pic

January 2016

John F. Kennedy once said, “Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.” In that same vein, the Radiology Leadership Institute® (RLI) operates under the principle that leaders are made, not born.

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Boots on the Ground

Taking Imaging 3.0™ from the front lines of the battlefield to your practice.


January 2016

Imagine waking up to go to your practice on a Monday morning — it’s only a 10-minute walk away. The scent of mud and sewage hits your nose, and the air is filled with the sound of construction and other industrial noises. Sirens wail in the distance. You quickly sidestep the potholes that litter the ground as you enter your department, a series of beige walls meant for quick deconstruction should the need arise. Your patients often arrive by helicopter, and the minute you enter, work begins.

Welcome to being a combat radiologist. Welcome to Afghanistan.

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Diversified Assets

A member-in-training perspective on diversity now and in the future


In my own experience, I don’t think the question we should be asking is, why are radiology and radiation oncology being so exclusionary?

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A Look Into ACR Leadership


November 2015

Who represents you in ACR's governance? Take a look at the demographic breakdown of the College's leadership.

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Diversifying Your Strategy

Building a diverse team can lead to better patient care, increased referrals, and more. 


In 2014, Curtiland Deville Jr., MD, assistant professor of radiation oncology and molecular radiation sciences at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, in Baltimore, co-authored a paper about diversity in radiology. The researchers found that just 23.5 percent of diagnostic radiologists are women and only 6.5 percent are underrepresented minorities (URMs) in medicine — blacks, Hispanics, American Indians, native Alaskans, native Hawaiians, and Pacific Islanders. But what surprised Deville was that the findings were not new.

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Interruption or Opportunity?

Radiologists must handle (and embrace) interruptions throughout the workday.

Interruptions iStock 000072405581
Thinking that the phone rang “way too much,” John-Paul J. Yu, MD, PhD, neuroradiology fellow at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) Medical Center, and his colleagues tracked the number of telephone calls the center’s on-call radiologists completed during a 90-day period in 2012. The information revealed that on-call radiologists handled a deluge of calls during that window — 10,378 to be exact.

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On the Road to Value-Based Care

How can a newly funded CMS grant program position you for success in demonstrating value and making a difference in patient care?


November 2015

The journey to value-based reimbursement is full of twists and turns, ups and downs. On paper, the map to the future of health care seems simple enough — provide the best possible care for patients and you’ll be rewarded.

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The Importance of Participating in the AMA

RFS Voices


November 2015
McKinley Glover, MD, ACR RFS vice chair, explains why he got involved in the AMA and why residents need to have a voice in the future of medicine.

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The 2015 RLI Leadership Summit

Reflections by Residents and Fellows


The Radiology Leadership Institute® (RLI) Summit, a four-day program held at Babson College, brought together trainees, practicing radiologists, and allied health professionals to learn management and leadership skills from business experts. Scholarships for trainees to attend the summit are available through the RLI and through state chapters of the ACR. The RFS caught up with several scholarship winners to hear about their experiences and takeaways from the summit.

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Why You Should Start Thinking About Medicine as a Business

Does an MBA fit with an MD?

iStock 000066681855 Small

October 2015

Radiology residency is meant to prepare us to become the best diagnosticians within its limited four years of training. This single focus on the diagnostic side of radiology often results in a lack of understanding of the business of medicine.

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Political Imaging

The Rhode Island Radiology Society gets the state’s outpatient revenue tax overturned. RhodeIsland

October 2015
In June 2007, radiologists in Rhode Island were caught off guard.

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The Skunk Works

Socioeconomics from the general, small, rural practice perspective


September 2015

If you are an aviation buff, you may have heard of the Skunk Works, a top secret aerospace engineering division that has developed the most advanced aircraft in history.

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What Leadership Can Do for You

At the 2015 RLI Summit, radiologists gathered to learn from some of the business industry’s best.


September 2015

August 6–9, 2015, marked another landmark collaboration between one of the nation’s top business schools, Babson College, and the Radiology Leadership Institute® (RLI).

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Final Read

Mark H. LeQuire, MD, FACR


September 2015

Q: Tell us about a colleague who inspired you. 

Mentors. What an essential ingredient to success in one’s professional career. I have been blessed to have one at every stage of my life. All my mentors have had a part in shaping me, but one individual in particular inspired me to become the radiologist that I am.

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Surprising Strategies

The RLI’s first graduate shares lessons learned along the way.


September 2015

When you imagine a successful leader, it’s easy to picture a scene not unlike that famous painting of George Washington crossing the Delaware: he’s standing in the prow of his boat, the American flag streaming behind him.
Yet for those studying the art and science of leadership, success often looks very different.

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The Uberization of Imaging

Incorporating ideas from the famous ride-sharing service into radiology may introduce roadblocks to quality patient care.


September 2015

Many factors have driven radiology to the sidelines when it comes to providing direct, quality patient care. Chief among these is the fact that, with the advent of PACS, imaging specialists can be seen by referring providers and hospital administrators as interchangeable, offering the same services with relatively little difference in quality.

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3 Things to Read Today

Intriguing Links from Around the Web


September 2015

This week, we’re measuring the doctor-patient relationship, revealing invisible colleagues, and more.

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Remembering John Curry

ACR Executive Director from 1984 to 2003

Curry Banner

September 2015

John J. Curry, former executive director of the ACR, passed away April 5, 2015, but left behind a legacy of love for the College, his co-workers, and his family.

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Allied Practice

Making your practice safe for transgender patients requires subtle yet vital considerations.


In 2011, the National Center for Transgender Equality and the National Gay and Lesbian Taskforce published a report analyzing the current state of discrimination against transgender individuals in the United States. They found that 25 percent of the surveyed group of transgender people experienced some form of harassment in a medical setting.

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A Memorable Meeting

The ACR Board of Chancellors (BOC) and Council Steering Committee (CSC) conducted their spring meeting May 16 and 19, 2015, in Washington, D.C.


August 2015

Occurring in conjunction with ACR 2015™, the leadership discussed opportunities to bolster member engagement, to continue ACR’s commitment to fiscal responsibility, and to aid radiologists and practices in adapting to health care reform.

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Bridging the Gender Gap in Radiology: Part 1

Setting the Foundation



August 2015

Three years ago, I sat in a room full of applicants and waited to get over my interview jitters ahead of my first radiology residency interview. Those who had already interviewed reassured me that conversation was casual, and, indeed, the interviews were meant as a way to get to know us as opposed to being a chance to grill us on details of research or test clinical acumen. My first interviewer, a female radiologist, caught me by surprise: “Why do you think there are so few female radiologists?”

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Power Steering

The 2015–2016 CSC begins its term with a refocused purpose and an ambitious list of goals.


August 2015

The 2014-2015 was a very successful year for the Council Steering Committee (CSC), culminating with ACR 2015, an annual meeting for all members based around the theme the Crossroads of Radiology. A few of the highlights of the past year include significant planning for the new meeting, advancing the CSC liaison process, and passing a number of CSC generated and sponsored policy resolutions.

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3 Things to Read Today

Intriguing Links From Around the Web


August 2015

This week we have how one radiologist's battle wth cancer has helped her connect with patients, ways you can make an impact as a leader, and what patients are looking for from hospitals.

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Seeking Out the C-Suite

As health care shifts, now is the time to establish relationships with your system leaders.



August 2015

Radiologists are interacting more broadly in their health systems, and they shouldn’t forget the health system’s leadership, which includes titles like the CEO, CMO, and CFO (hence the term “C-suite”).

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3 Things to Read Today

Intriguing Links from Around the Web


August 2015

This week, we’re reading about further complications in the shift to ICD-10, recommendations for better communication, and physician thoughts on end-of-life care.

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Connecting With Colleagues

Referring physicians and radiologists are working together more closely than ever. How can physician collaboration boost patient care?


August 2015

 The radiologist’s increased role in the care team will bring more opportunities to provide value in interactions with referring physicians.

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Empowering Patients

As patient interaction increases, how can radiologists improve communication to ensure appropriate care and maximize value?



August 2015

As you may have noticed in your practice, patients today increasingly expect to understand and make decisions about the health care they are receiving.

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Introducing the August Special Stakeholder Issue

Learn how to connect and add value for various stakeholders with tips from stakeholder leaders.


August 2015

"It's hard to place the patient at the center of health care if you're standing there yourself." - James V. Rawson, MD, FACR

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How To Get CDS Adopted in Your Health System

Find out how these radiologists got early clinical decision supprt adoption passed.



August 2015

In April 2014, the Protecting Access to Medicare Act (PAMA) was signed into law. Among the various provisions of the bill was a mandate requiring physicians who ordered advanced diagnostic imaging exams to consult government-approved, evidence-based appropriate-use criteria through a clinical decision support (CDS) system.

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Making a Difference

One New York City radiologist bucks convention to establish a patient rounding program at her hospital.

Dr Raoof ScreenshotJuly 2015

If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. We understand instinctively that all that glitters is not gold. Roundtrip airfare to Paris for just $150? Sure. A subscription to Wired for the one-time low cost of ten cents per month? We start looking for the strings.

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Why Hiring Women and Minorities is Good For Your Practice

Prioritizing diversity isn't just a good ethical principle — it's good business sense.


July 2015

What do companies like MasterCard, IBM, and Dell have in common? They’re all successful organizations that make it a point to promote diversity in their hiring practices.

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Modernizing the Radiology Residency Curricula

Are we training tomorrow’s radiologists to succeed in yesterday’s health systems?


July 2015

The field of radiology is in a state of flux. Changes in the financial and political landscape, along with numerous technological innovations, threaten to transform how radiology has been traditionally practiced.

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The Stories We Tell

Change doesn’t just come from mandates on high.



June 2015

Quality improvement and value are hot topics these days. Radiologists are seeking to ensure that they remain viable participants at the health care table.

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The Customer is Always Sometimes Right

Providing quality care in an era of patient satisfaction surveys, Facebook likes, and online reviews

iStock 000022342003 Medium

June 2015

A recent study by radiologists at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) found a strong correlation between patient readmission rates and hospitals’ ratings on their Facebook pages.1

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Looking Back and Looking Ahead

News from the Chair of the RFS

RFS Executive Committee 470r

As the ACR Resident and Fellow Section enters its 27th year, we have much to celebrate but still significant room to grow. The amount we have accomplished in only the past few years is striking, and we aim to maintain, if not improve upon, this trajectory.

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Final Read

Ronald J. Boucher, MD



May 2015

Q: How does your practice demonstrate the principles of Imaging 3.0™?

As a battlefield radiologist in Kandahar, Afghanistan, I was privileged to serve as chief of radiology on a multinational and multidisciplinary team. Serving during a war reinforced to me how critical Imaging 3.0 principles are to the success of health care. Our radiologists inserted themselves at the beginning of the care process for trauma patients, determining whether the patient needed to go directly to the operating room or get further CT evaluations.

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Coming Through the Crossroads

Accomplishments of the 2014–15 CSC and a view of the year ahead


May 2015

What a year it has been! The 22 members of the 2014–2015 CSC were extremely busy over the past year, working on new and ongoing projects in preparation for ACR 2015 and for the council at large.

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Moreton Lecture: Imaging in the Era of Precision Medicine

Radiology is well-positioned as health care becomes increasingly person-based.


May 2015

On Tuesday morning, James H. Thrall, MD, FACR, chair emeritus at Massachusetts General Hospital and Distinguished Taveras Professor of Radiology at Harvard Medical School, delivered the highly anticipated Moreton Lecture: “Imaging in the Era of Precision Medicine.”

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A Horse of a Different Color

Imaging 3.0TM leaders reflect on physician payment reform and its effects on radiology.

Horse Smaller

May 2015

Henry Ford had a famous saying: "If I'd asked my customers what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” Ford was referring to Model Ts, but he may as well have been talking about radiology.

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Hand in Hand

Taking your practice through big changes requires collaboration.


May 2015

During the ACR 2015 session “Working Synergistically to Succeed Now and in the Future,” radiology practice leaders discussed tactics for leading a radiology practice through times of potentially radical change. Among the speakers’ key takeaways was bringing the entire practice on board but through negotiation and cooperation rather than through force. Follow these steps to lead your team through new territory and unfamiliar challenges.

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In Case You Missed It

ACR 2015: Sunday, May, 17  


May 2015

ACR 2015 started off with a bang. Here are the goings-on from day 1 of the conference.

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What Diversity Can Do For You

Having a diverse practice isn’t just a good ethical principle — it’s also good business sense.


May 2015

What do companies like MasterCard, IBM, and Dell have in common?

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Preparing Radiologists for the Future

How is the College supporting radiologists entering new payment structures?

the looking glass

May 2015

In a recent article in the New England Journal of Medicine, Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Sylvia Burwell wrote that by 2016 she expects 85 percent of payments in the Medicare program, including those within the fee-for-service system, will have a link to quality or value.

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Creating Your Brand, Radiology-style

Build your practice’s image with these branding tips.


May 2015

Radiologists face a struggle in today’s current health care climate. How can they promote value-based care, and how do they stand out against other specialties that now offer imaging services?

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The Network Effect

A practice in Chambersburg forges a connection with health care stakeholders through education.


April 2015

Did you know that Confederate soldiers headed to fight in the Battle of Gettysburg camped out the night before in a town called Chambersburg, Pennsylvania? Neither did I before traveling there. A small town of around 20,000 residents, Chambersburg is located in the Cumberland Valley beside the Appalachian Mountains. Tucked into this valley is an eight-person radiology practice called Chambersburg Imaging Associates (CIA). After hearing great things about CIA’s “Radiology Education/Interactive Team,” I took a trip up Route 81 to learn more about their approach.

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Lessons Learned

How are 2014 Radiology Leadership Institute® scholarship recipients applying the skills they acquired and making a difference in their practices?


April 2015

Since its inception two and a half years ago, and with more than 2,100 enrollees, the Radiology Leadership Institute ® (RLI) has prepared hundreds of radiologists to meaningfully shape the future of health care.

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Constructing a Game Plan

Strategy was front and center at the BOC winter meeting.


April 2015

The ACR Board of Chancellors and Council Steering Committee conducted their winter meeting Jan. 17–18, 2015, in Reston, Va.

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Medicare Coverage of Screening CT Colonography

The ACR and its partners have submitted solid recommendations. Now we wait for the results.blueribbon

March 2015

March is Colon Cancer Awareness Month, and I cannot think of a better time to reengage policy-makers about the value of CT colonography

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Leadership Pathway


Prep for sessions in this pathway by using the following resources. Find out more the Radiology Leadership Institute®, how to articulate and reinforce the value of radiology, and more.

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How Does the ACR Work?

Before you head to ACR 2015, find out how the College's governance works.

With so many initiatives going on at once, the College needs a well-defined, streamlined strcture that is well representative of its diverse constituency.

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Following the Leaders

The College recognizes leaders from throughout the radiology community. 


February 2015

Each year, the College awards individuals whose work and dedication advances and strengthens the specialty. From the bustling streets of Moscow to the plains of Oklahoma, this year's recipients include individuals from across the global community of imaging. Joining the Gold Medal and Honorary Fellowship, a new award debuts this year: the Distinguished Achievement Award, which honors highly notable service to the College and the radiology profession, both clinical and non-clinical. All awards will be presented at the ACR 2015 Convocation in May.

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Reorganizing for the Future

Group members at odds over the implementation of Imaging 3.0TM? It may be time to restructure.


February 2015

This is a non-breaking news alert: radiology is changing from a volume- to a value-focused model of care. In response, the ACR has developed Imaging 3.0™, an initiative that encourages radiologists to add value by engaging closely with patients and other members of the health care team.

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Your Board in Action

At its fall meeting, the ACR Board of Chancellors considered some of the most pressing issues confronting radiology.


January 2015

The BOC and council steering committee (CSC) held their fall meeting Sept. 15–18, 2014. During the meeting, the College's leadership continued to focus on the future while responding to major challenges, including the Affordable Care Act, Medicare reimbursement and coverage decisions, lung cancer screening coverage, and decision support initiatives — a key part of Imaging 3.0™.

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A Shared Vision

The ACR Strategic Plan calls for stronger connections among radiology societies.


January 2015

I hope all of you had a great holiday season. As the new year rolls around, we often think about our personal resolutions for the year ahead. For our radiology professional organizations, the fall is also a busy time.

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Final Read

Madelene C. Lewis, MD

FinalRead main


January 2015

Q: Why is it valuable to network with other radiologists?

Networking provides radiologists with an opportunity to enhance both professional development and personal performance.

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Final Read

Q: Why is it valuable to attend radiology conferences?

Kathleen A. Ryan, MD, Final Read, ACR Bulletin

Having practiced for more than 20 years in Montana, I always look forward to meetings with fellow mammography colleagues around the country.

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Leading Authorities

The annual Radiology Leadership Institute® event prepares radiologists to lead the specialty into the future.

Leading Authorities, Radiology Leadership Institute

Nestled in the forests of rural Massachusetts, outside of Boston, Babson College is the epitome of what you’d expect of a northeastern university: a campus lined with tall trees, large colonial red-brick buildings, and grass-flanked stone walls.

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The Value of Hard Work

A few years ago, Samir B. Patel, MD, of Radiology, Inc. found himself in a bind. During contract negotiations with one of the hospitals his practice serves, the hospital president told him something no radiologist wants to hear: The physician leadership had taken the position that if Patel’s group didn’t want to “play ball” and accept the hospital’s terms, the president should sever the relationship with Radiology, Inc. From the physicians’ perspective, all radiologists do is read images and, for that reason, would be easy to replace. 

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Sizable Solutions

Download PDF »

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While most radiology practices were completely digital by the year 2000, Chinese Hospital’s radiology department in San Francisco still operated like a small-town clinic. The practice had neither a PACS nor a RIS. Instead, all of its appointments were written on desktop calendars, its records were printed and filed in jackets, and its films were stored in 27 different locations throughout Chinatown. On top of that, the department was over capacity. Patients waited months for ultrasounds and hours for walk-in X-rays — and no one was happy.

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Who’s Who in the ACR Leadership

Note: click on image to enlarge.

November 2014

The ACR Council passed a resolution in 1998 (which was then renewed in 2008) to include demographic information in the ACR Bulletin about the Board of Chancellors, Council Steering Committee, ACR Councilors, and ACR Alternate Councilors. The following information is provided in accordance with that policy.

The 2014 ACR Strategic Plan

Defining our vision for the future and the roadmap to get us there

Board of Chancellors - The 2014 ACR Strategic Plan

The disruptions from health care reform, changing practice patterns, and declining reimbursement that have created unprecedented challenges for our specialty and our practices also challenge our professional organizations to be responsive to the changing practice environments of our members.

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The Secret Ingredient

Leadership skills can make the difference between helping your practice succeed and watching your group fall behind the curve.

The Secret Ingredient - Leadership Skills

Frank J. Lexa, MD, MBA, chair of the ACR Practice Leaders Meeting and professor and vice chair of research and academic affairs at the Drexel University College of Medicine department of radiological sciences, discusses new payment models, redefining success, and why leadership matters for radiologists.

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Reaching An Agreement

Chances are you’re handling negotiations every day. Are you making the most of these interactions?

Reaching an Agreement - Handling Negotiations

Two men enter a conference room in New York City. They sit on opposite sides of a large table and begin discussing the possible merger of their two companies.

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Final Read

Q:Why is it important to participate in your state chapter?

final read

Curiosity led me to attend my first Missouri Radiological Society (MORADS) meeting. I felt like a confused child looking into a bowl of alphabet soup — unintelligible acronyms, like HIPAA and MU, constantly floated by in discussions.

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The Metamorphosis of a Practice

As the health care industry moves toward value and away from volume, some facilities are finding both challenges and opportunities as they turn to a more service-oriented business model.


It is a conundrum most radiologists face at some point in their careers: how to stay true to the needs of their patients while consistently meeting business goals for their practices.

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The Benefits of Having Friends

The State Government Relations Committee focuses on building connections and creating solutions.The Benefit of Having Friends

Christopher G. Ullrich, MD, FACR, discusses making a difference, challenging misconceptions, and keeping up the good work as his four-year term as chair of the State Government Relations Committee comes to an end.

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What I Wish I’d Known

Radiologists from around the specialty share their best advice for a younger version of themselves.


No matter where you are in your career, chances are someone else has already been there. This month, the Bulletin brings together radiologists from throughout the specialty to give advice to their younger selves about what they wish they’d known earlier in their practices.

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The OIG Work Plan

What are the HHS areas of focus this year?The OIG Workplan

In past columns, we outlined the history, authority, and structure of the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) of the federal Department of Health and Human Services (read more at http://bit.ly/May12RADLAW) and explained the OIG Advisory Opinion process (read more at http://bit.ly/June12RADLAW).

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One Specialty, Two Approaches

ACR and RSNA programs lead the way in patient-centered care.one specialty two approaches main

We've heard the clarion call: Health care's new economics require all providers to transition from volume-based to value-based care. For radiologists, that means shifting our practice paradigm from transactional to consultative and focusing on both interpretation and outcomes.

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Your Board in Action

The BOC gathered at AMCLC to review the year's activities and chart a course for the coming year.your board in action august

The ACR Board of Chancellors (BOC) held its spring meeting at AMCLC in May. The meeting focused on multiple initiatives that the College had undertaken in the previous six to twelve months and included a strategic planning exercise in forecasting environmental trends and future assumptions.

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2014-2015 CSC Off to a Running Start

With new members in place, the CSC is focused on the year ahead.csc off to running start

Members of the Council Steering Committee have embraced their role and responsibilities and lost no time getting down to business following the annual meeting.

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Aligning Incentives in Health Care

The recent SGR legislation brings us one step closer to a blueprint that works for stakeholders throughout the health care system.aligning incentives

In March of this year, I had the pleasure of attending the Oklahoma Radiological Society Meeting. We had a great discussion with radiologists about issues facing their practices and how the College was advocating in Washington on their behalf.

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Final Read

Q: Tell us about an unexpected experience with an associate.final read

She was 80, post lumpectomy, referred for radiotherapy. She was among a wave of patients avoiding mastectomy in the wake of the NSABP B-06 report providing lumpectomy and whole-breast radiotherapy equal to masectomy.

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Grassroots Excellence

The College celebrates chapters' achievements.Grassroots Excellence

The intense amount of work and dedicated from ACR state chapters and their members is an undertaking that most may not realize. State chapters provide educational opportunities, coordinate important local advocacy efforts, and dedicate themselves to making a positive impact in their communities.

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Intrinsic Value

The 2014 Moreton Lecture focuses on the principles of delivering high value in health care.intrinsic value headshot

Michael E. Porter, Bishop William Lawrence University Professor at Harvard Business School in Boston, presented his much-anticipated Moreton Lecture, "Value-Based Health-Care Delivery." Porter focused on the challenges to radiology and the principles of delivering high value.

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In Pursuit of Honor

The College gathers at AMCLC to honor 2014 fellows, honorary fellows, and gold medalists.In Pursuit of Honor

ACR Fellowship os not an honor given to those who ask. Instead, it is awarded to those who take service upon themselves — through hard work, dedication, and service to others. Those honored at convocation this year have certainly done that and more, serving both the College and the field of radiology.

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Investing in the Future of Radiology

The Minnesota Chapter Increases Resident Involvement through AMCLC.Investing in Future of Radiology

For many members of the ACR, AMCLC represents the highlight of the radiology calendar year and plays a central role in creating policies that affect the practice of radiology.

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College Update

The Resident and Fellow Section, Young and Early Career Physician Section, American Board of Radiology, clinical research, and Neiman Health Policy Institute leadershuip outline changes to the specialty and directions going forward.College Update

As part of Monday’s AMCLC programming, leaders representing the Resident and Fellow Section (RFS), the American Board of Radiology (ABR), the Young and Early Career Physician Section (YPS), clinical research, and the Neiman Health Policy Institute (HPI) reported on activities, accomplishments, challenges, and plans for the future.

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The Way Forward

The 2014 ACR Annuaul Meeting hones in on the skills and knowledge radiologists need to thrive in the changing world of health care.the way forward

Radiologists from throughout the country and spanning the spectrum of subspecialties gathered in Washington, D.C. to chart a course for radiology in the changing seas of health care.

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Remembering Harvey L. Neiman

February 8, 1943 – June 5, 2014remembering harvey neiman

Harvey L. Neiman, MD, FACR, immediate past CEO of the College, passed away June 5, 2014, following a long illness. Neiman was widely considered a medical visionary who dedicated his professional life to improving patient care.

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Harvey L. Neiman Reflection
bibb allen and harvey neiman

As you’ve probably heard, Harvey L. Neiman, MD, FACR, our longtime and recently retired chief executive officer, passed away in early June. With Harvey’s passing, we lost a dear friend and colleague and an exceptional leader, mentor, and luminary.

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Building the Future of Radiology

The Radiology Leadership Institute® aims to broaden its reach and support radiologists throughout the specialty.Building the Future

Cynthia S. Sherry, MD, MMM, FACR, chief medical officer of the Radiology Leadership Institute® (RLI), explains where the RLI is headed and why leadership skills matter for radiology professionals.

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Get to Know Your CFO

Establishing relationships with leaders in your health system can be beneficial for both your department and your patients.Get to Know CFO

For those of us who work within a hospital system, its corporate leadership can seem very far away from our daily lives. The so-called C-suite (home to the CEO, CFO, CMO, and COO, depending on the local vernacular) often seems to exist on a different planet than the reading room.

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Today’s Science Is Tomorrow’s Clinical Practice

Exploring radiology's central role in the age of precision medicine.Todays Science

In March, I had the pleasure of attending the Massachusetts Radiological Society (MRS) meeting. Phillip M. Devlin, MD, FACR, MRS president, was a wonderful host, and the meeting was outstanding.

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The ACR – It’s More Than You KnowACR its more than you know

When they think about it at all, many radiologists see the ACR as an amorphous something far away and with only a tangential relation to their daily lives. Others know it as an accrediting body, a standards organization, or simply as a lobbying group for the profession.

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Spreading the Word

The ACR Commission on Membership and Communications wants you to know what the College can do for you.spreading the word

The Bulletin caught up with David C. Kushner, MD, FACR, chair of the Commission on Membership and Communications, to discuss its strategy for supporting members and communicating the College’s message.

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Leadership Bootcamp

Radiologists at all career stages gathered at the ACR Annual Practice Leaders Meeting to boost their skills, learn from one another, and stay ahead of the curve.leadership bootcamp

Are leaders born or made? The answer is both — researchers believe genetic factors account for about a third of leadership qualities, but the rest comes about through development and practice.1

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What Have We Been Up To?

Achievements from 2013-2014 and a focus for the year ahead.up to

We had a great year! The twenty-two members of the 2013–2014 CSC engaged in a variety of activities over the past year to enable the continued effectiveness of the CSC and the council at large.

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Strategic planning: a roadmap to the future.strategery

Before the 2000 presidential election, a Saturday Night Live sketch featured an imitator of President George W. Bush saying the word “strategery.” While this was later attributed directly to President Bush as one of his many mispronounced words, the term became widely popular.

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Communication and Collaboration

The Commission on Breast Imaging works with stakeholders from throughout the College to improve screening and address controversy.communication and collaboration

The Commission on Breast Imaging was formed to address issues related to breast imaging and breast imagers, including development of Practice Guidelines and Technical Standards and ACR Appropriateness Criteria® as well issues related to screening and government regulations.

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Practical Applications in MRI

The ACR's annual MRI conference promises access to the leaders driving the technological change.practical applications

This year’s Annual MRI Conference will bring imaging experts together with technical experts in small group settings to foster an understanding of rapidly changing MRI technologies.

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On the Ballot and at the Meeting

Get the scoop on AMCLC 2014 programming and council activities.on the ballot main picture

The ACR Council will consider a broad range of policies, bylaws, practice guidelines, and technical standard resolutions during the 91st Annual Meeting and Chapter Leadership Conference (AMCLC) on April 26–30 in Washington, D.C.

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An Eye to the Future

The Johns Hopkins Hospital radiology department's Future Leaders program prepares employees to lead at all levels.an eye to the future

What makes a good leader? The ability to motivate a team by leveraging their unique talents? An instinct for achieving success, the result of long experience? A willingness to push colleagues to be the best they can be?

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Your Board in Action

Leadership changes highlight an active Board meeting.your board in action

The ACR Board of Chancellors (BOC) and Council Steering Committee (CSC) held their winter meeting January 18–19. The highlight of the meeting was the announcement of new officers for 2013–2014 and the selection of William T. Thorwarth Jr., MD, FACR, as CEO.

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Looking Back: Great to Greater?

“After climbing a great hill, one only finds that there are many more hills to climb.” — Nelson Mandelalooking back

In May of 2012, my first Chair Column appeared in the ACR Bulletin. I wrote about the ACR as a battleship — defending our pillars, fighting for the rights of our members, and always keeping in mind the best interests of our patients. Now the time is at hand to write my final column as chair.

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Center of Support

Radiation oncology is alive and well represneted within the College.center of support

The ACR Commission on Radiation Oncology serves as the nexus for radiation oncology activities within the ACR. Radiation oncology has been an important component of radiologic practice since the founding of the ACR.

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Candidates for 2014 Positions

Look who's running for office.candidates

This May at the AMCLC in Washington, D.C., the ACR Council will vote on the following slate of candidates recommended by the College Nominating Committee (CNC).

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Executive Decision

The College's new CEO is poised to take the reins with both hands.Executive Decision

William T. Thorwarth Jr., MD, FACR, sat down with the ACR Bulletin to discuss his years as ACR’s economics chair, his relationships with other societies, and why he chose to give up clinical practice to become the College’s new chief executive officer.

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In Search of a New CEO

Introducing William T. Thorwarth Jr., MD, FACRactual in seach

The next CEO of the ACR needs little introduction to most of you. He is William T. Thorwarth Jr., MD, FACR. I will come back to him in more detail in a moment.

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Leading the Way

The College selects invaluable members of the radiology community for its highest honors.leading the way

John Quincy Adams once said, “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.”

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The Road to AMCLC 2014

Opportunities abound to network with peers, advocate on behalf of the profession, and discuss the pressing issues of the day.RoadtoAMCLC

The 2014 ACR Annual Meeting and Chapter Leadership Conference (AMCLC) will take place April 26–30 in Washington, D.C.

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The Colors of the College

“There are only 3 colors, 7 notes and 10 digits; it’s what we do with them that’s important.” — Jim Rohn, American entrepreneur, author, and motivational speakerACR2015logo1core

The Crimson Tide of Alabama, the burnt orange on the jerseys at the University of Texas, and the Black Knights at West Point. Colors instantly bring a picture into our minds.

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Your Board in Action

The BOC Fall Meeting brought radiology's most pressing issues to the forefront.your board in action

The ACR Board of Chancellors and Council Steering Committee (CSC) held their fall meeting Sept. 29–Oct. 4. The meeting focused on current initiatives with an eye to the future as the College seeks to respond to major challenges, including implementation of the Affordable Care Act, Medicare reimbursement and coverage decisions, and decision support initiatives — a key part of Imaging 3.0™.

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Revisiting Resolutions

As 2013 comes to an end, have we met our goals?75672205 thumbnail

Last January my column was titled “Realistic Resolutions.”(Read the article at http://bit.ly/DrGResolutions.) I talked about ways that we as radiologists could take concrete steps to demonstrate our value. So as we head into 2014, where are we as a specialty, and are those resolutions still relevant?

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Lung Cancer Screening: The Time Has Come

The ACR responds to recent trial results and the USPSTF.iStock 000020134314 Large

Screening studies, such as mammography, prostate-specific antigen testing, and EKGs, are under attack. The opponents of these tests claim they are too costly and that there are too many misses and false positives.

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New Reliable

The chair of the ACR Annual Conference on Quality and Safety explains how a radiology department is like a Japanese car factory.new reliable

The Bulletin caught up with conference chair C. Dan Johnson, MD, FACR, chair of the department of radiology at Mayo Clinic Arizona in Scottsdale, Ariz., to discuss what's hot in quality and safety, what to expect at this year's conference, and which skills radiologists aren't learning in medical school.

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Breaking Barriers

Since its inception in 2012, the Harvey L. Neiman Health Policy Institute has been hard at work examining issues that affect all of radiology.breaking barriers

The recent changes in health care policy have been overwhelming — multiple payment procedure reduction, meaningful use, and the Affordable Care Act, just to name a few. These new programs define how imaging services and tools should be used and as well as their respective values.

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Volunteers: The Heart of the ACR

"Research has shown that people who volunteer live longer." — Allen Kleinvolunteers the heart of the acr

The ACR has an organizational structure similar to that of the federal government, with policy-setting and policy-implementing units functioning in concert. Councilors, who are elected and selected by state chapters, specialty organizations, and a few federal departments, meet annually to establish policy.

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Mind Matters

The ACR Commission on Neuroradiology is taking advantage of new initiatives and advancing the subspecialty.mind matters

Nearly 15 years after the "Decade of the Brain"1 (the 1990s), there remains a tremendous fascination with the organ that controls our thoughts, mood, and behavior.

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Changing the Practice

Radiology research from the ACR Clinical Research Center takes center stage at this year's ASTRO meeting.changing the practice

Editor's Note: World-class research from RTOG® was spotlighted at the American Society for Radiation Oncology (ASTRO) 55th Annual Meeting in September. Twenty-two RTOG research presentations were featured during the meeting, which took place in Atlanta.

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CSC Liaisons, Chapter Leadership, and Member Engagement

If you've ever wondered how you and your practice are represented within the College, here's a primer.CSC Liaisons

One of the primary roles of Council Steering Committee member is to serve as a liaison to the chapters of the ACR.

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Thanksgiving Turkeys

As we await decisions on CMS policies, radiologists wonder what will be on the table this holiday season.Thanksgiving turkeys

As I write this column in mid-September, I wish I had a crystal ball. Will we as radiologists have much for which to be thankful when the November Bulletin is printed?

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Announcing the ACR Head Injury Institute

"Chances are someone you love will sustain a brain injury at some point during your lifetime. When they do, you'll want the best research, you'll want top-quality care, and you'll want local services and support that make life worth living." — Susan H. Connors, president and CEO, Brain Injury Association of Americahead institute

"The American College of Radiology has formed the ACR Head Injury Institute (HII) to use its skills in the areas of image management, transfer, and archiving; education; research and the development of appropriateness criteria; guidelines and standards to help advance the diagnosis; and understanding and treatment of head injuries," states Alexander M. Norbash, MD, FACR, steering committee chair for this latest ACR initiative.

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Final Read

Q: What was your most memorable AMCLC experience?final read

While serving as president of the Colorado Radiological Society, I attended my first AMCLC on September 11, 2001, in San Francisco. Feeling horrified in the wake of the terrorist attacks, like everyone else that day, the attendees didn't know what to do.

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Diversity 3.0: Are We There Yet?

As our new commission ramps up its efforts, there is plenty of work ahead.diversity 30

In an ever changing world, diversity and inclusion become critical components of success in a global economic context.

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Recognition for Radiology

Top-quality radiology teams receive recognition for outstanding diagnostic imaging and patient care.recognition for radiology

In this age of profound changes in health-care delivery models, radiologists must find new strategies for demonstrating their value and staying viable. A new addition to the Imaging 3.0™ toolkit is the ACR Diagnostic Imaging Center of Excellence™ (DICOE™) achievement.

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RadiologyInfo.org, Approaching 15 and Going Strong!

"One of the things I realized...is how few success stories there are in websites or products or businesses that exist primarily for an altruistic purpose." — Andrew Mason, founder and former CEO of Grouponradiologyinfo

Last month in this column I told you about a new website, RadiologyCentral.org, created by the ACR and the Intersociety Committee. Now I want to focus on a tremendous success story of collaboration between the ACR and RSNA in the form of a patient-education website: www.RadiologyInfo.org.

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Long-Term Commitment

Radiologists nationwide breathe life into Imaging 3.0™.long term commitment

Imaging 3.0™ was launched at the 2013 AMCLC as a way for radiologists to demonstrate their value in the new health-care world. Now, five months later, where are we in telling and living this important story?

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Making Connections

A unique commission brings together diverse groups with similar needs.making connections

The Commission on General, Small, and/or Rural Practice (GSR) is a specialty commission representing ACR members who are general radiologists, practice general radiology, are members of small groups, or practice in rural locales.

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Letter to the Editorletter to the editor

Editor’s Note: ACR member James E. Heisel, MD, of Jackson, Mich., responded to the June ACR Bulletin article "Adapting to Change" (http://bit.ly/Adapt2Change). The article sought to explain how, given the drastically shifting medical landscape, radiologists must adapt in order to thrive. Below we’ve printed some of Dr. Heisel's most salient points, along with responses from the ACR's Imaging 3.0™ Work Group.

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Sharpening the Saw

The annual event of the Radiology Leadership Institute brings together radiologists to interact and inspire each other — and improve patient care.sharpening the saw

More than a year has passed since the ACR announced the formation of the Radiology Leadership Institute. Since then, the institute has integrated a variety of webinars, lectures, and even MBA programs into its curriculum.

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RadiologyCentral.org, A First Step

“Houston. Tranquility Base here. The Eagle has landed....One small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.” — Neil Armstrong (upon landing on the moon on July 20, 1969, and then stepping out onto the lunar surface the following day)a first step

Maybe I am giving a wee bit too much drama and importance to the recent creation of another website. But it is a step forward for our profession. RadiologyCentral.org comes to you from the ACR and the Intersociety Committee (ISC).

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Back to School

While many individuals have filled the past few months with summer fun, the ACR has been busy innovating.back to school

Who can forget that "back to school" feeling? Starting a new school year was always energizing for me, even if there was some regret that the lazy days of summer were over.

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Honored to Serve

The Commission on Ultrasound works to advance the use of this important modality.honored to serve

I appreciate this opportunity to share with the membership a bit about the activities and mission of the Commission on Ultrasound.

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The Summer Fun Begins

The CSC jumps into action with its work-group activities.the summer fun begins

The role of the Council Steering Committee as described in the ACR bylaws is to "represent the Council between Council meetings and provide Council liaison with the BOC, subspecialty societies represented in the ACR Council, and chapters."

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Your Board in Action

A summary of the AMCLC Board of Chancellors meeting.your board in action

The ACR Board of Chancellors held its spring meeting at the AMCLC in May 2013. The meeting focused on multiple initiatives that the College has undertaken in the last 12 months to promote and advance the profession as well as to better serve as the voice of radiology.

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Signs of the Times

ACR CEO reflects on his tenure and the future of the specialty.signs of the times

Editor's Note: The ACR Bulletin sat down with Harvey L. Neiman, MD, FACR, CEO of the College, the state of the College, and what's in store for the ACR. Neiman recently announced that he will be retiring in the spring of 2014.

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Taking the Reins

As the ACR economics team responds to the latest releases from CMS, radiologists ponder ways to enhance their role in care delivery.taking the reins

July 4th is a great American holiday. As a naturalized citizen, I love everything about Independence Day, from the national anthem to the fireworks.

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ACR Searches for a New CEO

"Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality." — Warren BennisACR Searches for new CEO

In case you haven't heard the recent announcements, you may not be aware at the American College of Radiology is looking for a successor to Dr. Harvey L. Neiman, MD, FACR, CEO of the College, who has decided to retire.

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Leading Radiology into the Future

A new campaign seeks funds to expand leadership education for imagers.leading radiology into the future

The changing climate of radiology was a central theme at this year's AMCLC.

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First Chapters

State chapters that achieved excellence in various categories during the past year were recognized at this year's AMCLC.first chapters

Any state chapter leader will tell you that ACR state chapters and their members are much more than just meeting organizers.

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An Age of Opportunity

Speakers during the economics session emphasized the need to transition from volume- to value-based health care.volume to value

As part of Tuesday's program, the Economics Forum included a discussion of future opportunities for radiology, including the transition to compensation driven by performance rather than productivity.

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Cutting Variation to Boost Patient Outcomes

Moreton Lecturer links robust protocols to better results.cutting variation

The Monday morning council session at AMCLC 2013 wrapped up with the much-anticipated Moreton Lecture, given by Brent C. James, MD, Mstat, executive director of the Institute for Health Care Delivery Research at Intermountain Healthcare in Salt Lake City. James presented the lecture "Value, Variation, and Patient-Centered Care: Building Radiology's Future."

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Honoring the Best of the Best

The College gathers to honor 2013 fellows, honorary fellows, and gold medalists.honoring the best of the best

Among the highlights of the AMCLC, Sunday night's convocation stood out to many as the apogee of their conference experience.

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Reporting Back

The RFS, Young and Early Career Physicians Section, ABR, and clinical research leadership outline changes to the specialty and directions going forward.reporting back

As part of Monday's AMCLC programming, leaders representing the 2012-2013 Resident and Fellow Section, the ABR, ACRIN®, and RTOG® reported on activities, accomplishments, challenges, and plans for the future.

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Shaping the Future

The 2013 ACR annual meeting focuses on reclaiming radiology's central role in health care.shaping the future

Talk of transitioning to new payment models, calls for radiologists to reclaim their central role in health care, and efforts to increase member engagement were all hot topics during the 90th AMCLC, held at the Washington Hilton in Washington, D.C.

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Chapters and the AMCLC

The unique relationship between ACR's chapters and the annual meeting brings the College together and sets us apart.Chapters and the AMCLC

The College was organized by Dr. Albert Soiland in San Francisco in 1923. In 1924, the first Assembly and Convocation were held in Chicago.

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Fortress With Moats

California radiologists tackle the challenges of EHR-PACS interoperability and address the requirements of referring physicians.fortress with moats

Radiologists in California are confronting a serious issue with the lack of interoperability between their referring physicians' electronic health record (EHR) systems and their own PACS.

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Membership Connections

The tools and resources available to ACR members continue to grow.membership connections

ACR members enjoy ready access to a broad range of valuable experiences and services that help them stay connected and be more engaged. Such activities are central to the work of the ACR Commission on Membership and Communications.

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Climbing to New Heights at the RLI Expedition

"The greatest ability in business is to get along with others and influence their actions." — John Hancockclimbing to new heights

The ACR Radiology Leadership Institute™ (RLI) was launched in July 2012 at the Kellogg School of Management on the campus of Northwestern University. I was there, and by all accounts the attendees at the sold out event felt that the program with keynote speaker Jeff Immelt, chief executive officer of GE, was a huge success.

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A Job Well Done

As the College welcomes its newly elected fellows, we examine what it takes to achieve this rare honor.job well done

Each year at the AMCLC, the College extends the title of fellow of the ACR (FACR) to members who have distinguished themselves from their peers.

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Springing Forward

The newly appointed CSC gears up for an action-packed two-year term.springing forward

With the successful 90th Annual Meeting and Chapter Leadership Conference just behind us, I am deeply honored to have the opportunity to lead the ACR Council and Council Steering Committee for the next two years. I want to thank Howard B. Fleishon, MD, MMM, FACR, for his guidance and leadership during the past two years.

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The ACR and Carnegie Hall

The College reaches out to members in pursuit of excellence.carnegie hall

You know the old joke: How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Answer: Practice, practice, practice.

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On the Ballot

ACR Council will consider a mix of policy, bylaws, practice guidelines, and technical standard resolutions at AMCLC 2013.on the ballot

The ACR Council will consider a broad range of policies, bylaws, practice guidelines, and technical standard resolutions during the 90th Annual Meeting and Chapter Leadership Conference on May 4-8 in Washington, D.C. Below are resolutions that made the February 4, 2013, submission deadline.

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Your Board in Actionyour board in action

The ACR Board of Chancellors and Council Steering Committee held their winter retreat in Dallas on January 18-20, 2013. In addition to the usual business of the board, several invited guests made presentations.

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A Brief History of the American Radium Society

We should recognize and appreciate the shared connections between the ACR and this unique society.a brief history

Since the founding of the ACR Board of Chancellors, the American Radium Society (ARS) has featured a representative among its ranks. Nevertheless, many ACR members may not understand what the ARS does or what it stands for.

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The Practice Menagerie

How can your group leverage a variety of personalities, including yours, to get ahead?practice managerie 1

Imagine you're holding the phone to your ear, calling a referring physician. As you listen to the phone ring, waiting for the sound of a voice, what are you thinking about?

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Kudos to Contributors

The College recognizes the following ACR members who contributed to the proposed 2013 Practice Guidelines and Technical Standards.Kudos to Contributors

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ACR Supports the Appropriate Decision

"The limitation of the ethical phenomenon to its place and time does not imply its rejection by, on the contrary, its validation. One does not use cannons to shoot sparrows." — Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Ethics1ACR supports decision

The ACR Appropriateness Criteria® are evidence-based guidelines intended to assist referring physicians and other providers in making the most appropriate imaging or treatment decision for specific clinical circumstances. These criteria now cover over 180 topics and 900 variants.

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Nominees for 2013 Positions

Look who's running for office.nominees for 2013

This May, at the AMCLC in Washington, D.C., the ACR Council will vote on the following slate of candidates recommended by the College Nominating Committee.

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Leading the Charge

The Pennsylvania Radiological Society is serious about leadership, and it's spreading the word.leading the charge

Each time Pennsylvania's state chapter, the Pennsylvania Radiological Society, surveyed its members, leadership came in among the top areas of interest.

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How Can We Help?

After 25 years, ACR Radiation Oncology Accreditation is still the gold standard.how can we help

If you represent a radiation oncology practice and want to show patients, communities, payers, and physicians that you're dedicated to providing the highest quality care, where do you turn?

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Celebrating 10 Years of Success

The College's scholarly publication has completed a decade of journalistic excellence.Celebrating success

I am grateful for this opportunity to address the membership of ACR on the state of their journal. It's a propitious time to do so.

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Ahead of the Curve

Honoring the leaders who advance the specialty and inspire us all.ahead of the curve

At each year's AMCLC, the BOC votes on nominations for Honorary Fellows and Gold Medalists. Each recipient of these accolades has advanced the specialty, put in the time and effort to excel, and working hard to bring new value to patient care.

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Connecting the College

The CSC Liaison Program brings together the ACR and its members.connecting the college

Over the past several years, members of the ACR Council Steering Committee have increased their outreach to both chapters and subspecialty societies. This outreach has made a significant difference in ensuring that the CSC, the ACR, and state chapters stay informed about issues critical to the profession at the grassroots level.

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Your Board in Action

ACR leaders set new goals for 2013.your board in action

In October 2012, the ACR Board of Chancellors (BOC) and Council Steering Committee (CSC) held their fall meeting in San Francisco. The meeting included presentations and updates on the progress of a variety of projects.

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Diversified Assets

A new ACR commission seeks to change the traditional face of radiology.diversified assets

The new Commission for Women and Diversity was formed to serve as an advisory group to the Board of Chancellors and to improve the specialty of radiology through mentorship, leadership, and service engagement with an emphasis on diversity.

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A New Year, A New Beginning

The freshly minted Commission for Women and Diversity turns the spotlight on one of our specialty's most important topics.new year new beginning

A new member will soon join the ACR Board of Chancellors. The ACR bylaws permit the board from time to time to create or eliminate a commission, committee, or task force "to aid the Board of Chancellors in carrying on specific activities of the College."

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Final Read

Q: How has state chapter membership benefited you?final read

Each month during my second year of residency in Minnesota, faculty and residents would pile into cars for the hour-long ride to the state chapter meeting.

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Yearn to Learn

What can ACR membership do for your continuing medical education?yearn to learn

Approximately a year and a half ago, the ACR Commission on Education (COE) underwent a major restructuring to more efficiently meet the educational needs of ACR members. The COE is composed of eight members, who oversee 148 physician volunteers serving on 18 committees and subcommittees.

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A True Picture of Radiology

The College's newest institute provides research on the effects of health policy and illustrates the true value of radiology.a true picture

How do you define imaging? For some, it is the means to a successful livelihood for themselves and their staff; for others, it's an indispensable tool used to improve a patient's quality of life.

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Come Together

ACR-managed societies united radiologists and strengthen the specialty.come together

No matter your subspecialty, you'll likely find a related society.

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Many Voices, One Cause

ACR Government Relations works to effect legislative change.many voices

Over the past year, the ACR Government Relations Department and state radiological societies worked to effect change on a number of fronts.

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Introducing the Harvey L. Neiman Health Policy Institute

The new ACR institute aims to explore radiology's place in the ever-evolving territory of health-care delivery and payment models.introducing harvey

I am very pleased to announce the inauguration of a new ACR institute: The Harvey L. Neiman Health Policy Institute. This new institute is designed to help radiologists shape their future through education, advocacy, and research.

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Final Read

Q: How did you choose your subspecialty?final read

When I was a radiology resident, I have to admit that I was mystified by nuclear medicine. Residents sometimes jokingly called the field "unclear medicine."

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2012-2013 CSC Hits the Ground Running

With a new crop of initiatives underway, the CSC has never been busier.csc hits ground

Members of the ACR Council Steering Committee (CSC) lost no time in getting down to business following their appointment this spring. The CSC was broken into four work groups, each tasked with specific duties.

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Taking Initiative

Committees under the Commission on Body Imaging are addressing such issues as incidental findings and colon cancer research.taking initiative

The Commission on Body Imaging is working hard on several initiatives of importance to the body imaging community and the patients it serves.

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No Tricks, Just ACR Treats

My momma always said, "Life is like a box of chocolates; you never know what you're gonna get." — Forrest Gumpno tricks

Halloween is not far away, and many of us find our thoughts turning to tricks, treats, and boxes of chocolates.

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Becoming Decision Makers

Two radiologists play integral roles in Michigan's Certificate of Need program.becoming decision makers

Regulating health-care cost, quality, and access are the three main objectives of the Michigan Certificate of Need (CON) Commission. But it can be difficult to balance such distinct and sometimes conflicting facets of our health-care system.

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Finding Purpose in Meaningful Use

One practice comes out ahead after implementing stage I of the incentive program.finding purpose in MU

Since 1905, Advanced Radiology Consultants LLC (ARC) has provided imaging services to patients in southwestern Connecticut.

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Human Touch

The ACR Commission on Human Resources helps radiologists work appropriately in the medical community.human touch

The ACR Commission on Human Resources focuses its attention on both the interface between radiologists and allied health professionals and human resources issues that affect radiologists.

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Sowing Seeds of Change

The RLI launch event honors leaders and discusses leadership fundamentals.sowing seeds

Leaders and aspiring leaders in radiology who attended the Radiology Leadership Institute's (RLI) launch event in July were awed not only by the picturesque Northwestern University Campus in Evanston, Ill., but also by the high caliber of speakers and instructors, the networking opportunities, and the compelling content.

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Back to School

ACR has a lot to offer, whether you're looking to keep your skills current or pursue something new.back to school

It's that time of year. The days are cooling off and the leaves are getting ready to change color and fall. Meanwhile, kids and parents are getting ready for a new school year. Nervous stomachs and first-day jitters abound.

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Final Read

Q: What is your favorite aspect of the AMCLC?final read

I truly enjoy all of the AMCLC, but the Economics Forum is my favorite portion because it is always directly useful to my practice.

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Welcoming the New Boardwelcoming new board

The ACR Board of Chancellors (BOC) held its spring meeting at the AMCLC in April 2012. The meeting included updates on progress made since January 2012.

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Commemorating 100 Years

Texas Radiological Society leaders reflect on their centennial meeting and overall success.commemorating 100 years

The chapter task force overseeing the Texas Radiological Society (TRS) 2013 centennial meeting includes 13 subcommittees and close to 40 TRS members, who will ensure every detail — from the hotel accommodations to a one-of-a-kind educational programming — runs smoothly. This group will make next year's celebration of 100 years, held on April 5-7, 2013, in Houston, one to remember.

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Radiation Oncology Is Alive and Wellradiation oncology

The Commission on Radiation Oncology serves as the focal point for all ACR activities related to this subspecialty.

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Meet the ACR Board of Chancellors, Your Executive Body

The College's executive body is designed to meet the needs of ACR members.meet the ACR board

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Expanding Outlooks

Radiology Leadership Institute helps radiologists move ahead.expanding outlooks

Next month, the ACR Radiology Leadership Institute (RLI) will formally begin its curriculum to help radiologists reach their leadership potential.

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Leading by Example

Meet the New ACR chair, vice chair, and Economics Commission chairleading by example

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Locally Invested

ACR recognizes its state chapters that have flourished throughout the past year.locally invested

Meetings, education, and advocacy are just a few of the vital activities carried out by ACR state chapters. At each AMCLC, chapters are honored for going above and beyond to support their state's radiology community and for their involvement in organized medicine.

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ACR Goes to Washington

College members visit Congress to advocate for radiology's best interests.ACR goes to washington

On Wednesday, April 25, more than 400 radiologists visited approximately 300 congressional offices on Capitol Hill.

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Striving for Value-Driven Radiology

Moreton Lecturer encourages a leadership stance on reduction.Striving for Value Driven Radiology

This year, the much-anticipated Moreton Lecture featured James L. Reinertsen, MD, founder of the independent health-care consulting and teaching practice The Reinertsen Group, who presented "Possible or Passible? Setting Aims for Accountable Health Care." He began by identifying volume as a key driver of any health system's financial success — "especially the volume of high-margin services such as imaging," he said.

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In Pursuit of Excellence

2012 fellows, honorary fellows, and gold medalists represent radiology's finest.In Pursuit of Excellence

AMCLC attendees reconvened Sunday evening to honor three gold medalists, two honorary fellows, and 112 new fellows at the ACR Convocation.

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United We Stand

AMCLC 2012 underscores the importance of advocacy and engagement.united we stand

Encouraging member engagement, undertaking grassroots efforts, and curbing unnecessary imaging were all hot topics during the 89th AMCLC, held at the Washington Hilton Hotel in Washington, D.C.

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A Meeting for all Members

The 2015 ACR annual meeting will be designed to attract all members. But why are we making a change?a meeting for all members

In May of 2015, ACR members attending the AMCLC will engage in a new experience unlike any prior ACR annual meeting — the new conference will include clinical and scientific content. Those who have attended and enjoyed the past meetings may wonder why the ACR leadership has chosen to undertake this adjustment. Let me explain.

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Turning Dollars Into Actions

Chapter president shares secrets to fundraising and member communications.Dollars to Actions

Much of the College's power to advocate for the specialty depends on its state chapters' commitment to advocacy. After all, local issues in radiology are as equally important as those at the national level.

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AMCLC 2012: Innovation and RepresentationAMCLC 2012

Just four years ago, AMCLC attendees had to carry around a four-inch thick, 900-page agenda. Today, technological advances have made the meeting much more efficient and cost-effective.

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Solving the Puzzle

Can an individualized College experience attract new and disconnected members?Solving the Puzzle

Imagine that the benefits of ACR membership correspond to the colored panels on an unsolved Rubik's Cube®. Each color represents a pillar or activity of the College.

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Taking the TorchTaking the Torch

My first column as chair of the ACR Commission on Economics provides an opportunity to survey the landscape and set out our priorities for the months ahead.

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Battleship ACR

The College is moving full speed ahead.Battleship ACR

In previous issues of the ACR Bulletin James H. Thrall, M.D., FACR, has written about navigating change, and John A. Patti, M.D., FACR, has written about staying ahead of the curve.1,2 I have great admiration and respect for these and other past chairs, and I want to thank them for their mentorship.

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Kudos to Contributors

The College recognizes the following ACR members who contributed to the proposed 2012 Practice Guidelines and Technical Standards.kudos to contributors

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Final Read

Q: How has volunteering with the ACR furthered your personal goals?final read

As a resident, I was constantly told by senior radiologists that the "golden age" of radiology had ended, and we must adapt to meet the changing needs of American health care.

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Preparing For Transitionspreparing for transition

The work of the Commission on Economics is one of several major ways we provide value to its members and our specialty.

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Your Board in Actionyour board in action

The ACR Board of Chancellors held its winter retreat during the last weekend of January. The meeting included updates on progress made since October 2011.

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Accountable Care Realities

The 2012 Moreton Lecturer shares insights on the accountable care organization model.accountable care realities

In 2012, James L. Reinertsen, M.D., the founder of the independent consulting and teaching practice The Reinertsen Group in Alta, Wyo., will present the AMCLC 2012 Moreton Lecture, "Possible or Passable? Setting Aims for Accountable Health Care."

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Looking Back So We Can Move Forwardlooking back to move forward

As we approach the ACR Annual Meeting and Chapter Leaders Conference, we anticipate the excitement and energy that flows through this meeting as a catalyst for forward motion and progress.

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Subject to Change

Courses at the Radiology Leadership Institute help you develop and flourish as a leader.subject to change

The ACR Radiology Leadership Institute (RLI) is taking professional education to new heights through an innovative taxonomy and a well-defined body of knowledge, which will shape the way the RLI's leadership certification courses are taught.

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Preparing a Tradition

Beginning in 2015, all ACR members will get more out of the expanded annual meeting.preparing a tradition

Each spring at the AMCLC, ACR councilors, alternate councilors, and members of the Board of Chancellors and Council Steering Committee (CSC) debate resolutions; discuss hot topics; attend lectures; elect officers, chancellors, and CSC members; and induct new fellows.

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Candidates Nominated for 2012 Positions

Look who's running for office.candidates nominated for 2012

This April at the AMCLC in Washington, D.C., the ACR Council will vote on the following slate of candidates recommended by the College Nominating Committee (CNC).

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Stepping Up to the Mic

ACR Council will vote on more than 35 critical resolutions at AMCLC 2012.stepping up to the mic

The ACR Council will consider more than 35 resolutions related to policy, bylaws, practice guidelines, and technical standards at the 89th AMCLC, held April 21-25, 2012, in Washington, D.C.

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Underpinning Leadership

The College recognizes practices supporting past board chairs.underpinning leadership

The ACR Board of Chancellors (BOC) tackles many challenges as the executive body of the College, and doing so requires extensive contribution and commitment. BOC members meet in person three times per year or sometimes even more frequently.

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Point, Counterpoint, Recommendations, and Actionpoint counterpoint

In January, I reported the news from the October Board of Chancellors meeting, and I outlined the elements of discussion contained in three point-counterpoint sessions, on RBMs, self-referral, and our identity as radiologists.

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Beyond the Standard

The specialty is indebted to these five leaders.Beyond the Standard

It's not always easy to stand out as a leader in medicine — where intelligence and drive are necessary just to graduate from medical school, succeed in residency, and pass the Boards.

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Looking on the Bright Side

Here are five reasons why it's a good day to be a radiologist.looking on the bright side

It's easy to sometimes let the challenges of the specialty overshadow its successes. Questions like "How will health-care reform affect my practice?" and "Will reimbursement cuts continue?" plague many ACR members.

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2013 Gold Medalists and Honorary Fellows

ACR invites you to submit your recommendations.2013 gold medalists

It's time to nominate your fellow ACR members or other outstanding international radiologists for the College's highest honors in 2013. 

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Promoting State Chapter Communicationsstate chapter communicatiosn

One of the principal functions of the Council Steering Committee (CSC) is to communicate with state chapters. The commitment of communication and representation of the state chapters has always been evident.

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Planning for the Future in ChicagoPlanning for Future in Chicago

The Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting of the Radiological Society of North America presents a multitude of opportunities for radiologists to learn, network, and plan for the future each year in Chicago.

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Leading the Charge

What is leadership in radiology and how is it developed?leading the charge

Merriam-Webster defines "leading" as the act of directing or guiding on a course.

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Forward Momentumforward momentum

The fall meeting of the ACR Board of Chancellors was held Oct. 17-20, 2011 and was attended by the Council Steering Committee (CSC). Initial presentations by the chairman, president, CEO, and treasurer updated the board on progress made since May.

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Looking in the Mirrorlooking in the mirror

As we strive to reach higher and higher goals, there are no truer words of guidance than those in the chorus of a famous Michael Jackson song: "I'm starting with the man in the mirror, I'm asking him to change his ways, And no message could have been any clearer, If you wanna make the world a better place, Take a look at yourself and then make a change."

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Paying Tributepaying tribute

Rarely does a physician impact his or her specialty with the degree of passion and dedication demonstrated by Jerome F. Wiot, M.D., FACR, throughout his career. Despite his passing on Dec. 21, 2010, Wiot unquestionably left an enduring mark on his colleagues, friends, and the field of radiology.

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Growing Possibilities

Amidst a busy year for breast imagers, the SBI continues to flourish.growing possibilities

While tremendous strides have been made in breast-cancer research and treatment during the past decade, squaring off against the disease is not an easy feat.

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Relief Within Reach

Bringing imaging to medically underserved populations doesn't always require a passport.relief within reach

The World Health Organization (WHO) reports that the "majority of the world's population is denied adequate access to safe and appropriate medical devices." However, many don't realize that these underserved communities are not limited to developing nations — they can be just miles away.

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Leaders Among Us

The College bestows its highest honors on today's bold pioneers of imaging.leaders among us

A leader is defined as one who influences others to achieve a common goal. In medicine, leadership requires a blend of skill, inner drive, passion, and commitment to the greater good.

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Expressions of Gratitude

The ACR highlights the practices of its dedicated leaders.expressions of gratitude

In the October 2010 ACR Bulletin, John A. Patti, M.D., FACR, chair of the ACR Board of Chancellors, introduced a new initiative, the ACR Leadership Support Recognition Program, which recognizes the practices of leaders within the College.

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Recognizing the Gold in Our Midstrecognize the gold

Professional careers are defined by myriad events and experiences that occur over a course of time that spans generations. Average practitioners of family medicine often care for the grandchildren of the patients who entered their offices at the outset of their careers.

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Preserving Tradition, Expanding Opportunity

Sketching the blueprints for this year's AMCLC.preserving tradition

The 2011 AMCLC will provide a unique opportunity for ACR members to influence the policy and direction of the College. Preparations have begun, deadlines have been set, and the Council Steering Committee (CSC) anticipates a vibrant meeting in Washington, D.C., from May 14-18.

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Recapturing the Centerrecapturing the center

Over the past 115 years, radiologists have been blessed by the technological advances of our specialty. In each new era of health-care delivery, some new technology has captured the hearts and minds of physicians and patients.

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