Changing Imaging Across Borders

The ACR joins international partner organizations to boost radiology in Trinidad and Tobago

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Alexander R. Sinanan, MBBS, a specialist in clinical radiology and chair of the South West Regional Health Authority in Trinidad, observed that patients in his country were experiencing a problem with imaging services. Backlogs in radiology departments were causing extremely long patient wait times for both procedures and results.

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Improving Global Care

Three radiology residents were recipients of the Goldberg-Reeder Travel Grant in 2016. They traveled to three continents — South America, Africa, and Asia.GettyImages 589555934

Lauren J. Saling, MD, a fellow in abdominal imaging at UCLA, used her grant in May 2016 to travel to Guatemala City, Guatemala, to the Instituto de Cancerologia (INCAN), a cancer referral hospital that provides screening and treatment for all kinds of cancer.

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Cambodia's Lost Generation

Radiologists trace the collapse of Cambodia's health care system and the road to recovery.cambodia generation

In December 2010, Morlie L. Wang, MD, sat on a flight to Phnom Penh, Cambodia, reading a Lonely Planet travel book. Busy with preparation, it was the first time she had been able to read about Cambodia's history, despite her plans to spend a month in the small Asian country on a Goldberg-Reeder travel grant.

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When Students Become Teachers: The  Southern Sudan Medical Education Collaborative

Lessons from Abroad

In April 2011, I had the distinct pleasure of joining the Southern Sudan Medical Education Collaborative (SSMEC) on a trip to Juba, which is now the capital city of the Republic of South Sudan. This would come to be one of the most formative and memorable experiences of my life.

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Knowledge Sharing

The ACR Education Center takes its breast imaging workshop to Saudi Arabia as part of its efforts to improve global health.knowledge sharing

Breast cancer kills more than 500,000 women worldwide annually. In countries with few resources and limited screening programs, women with breast cancer are often diagnosed in advanced stages of the disease and have low chances of survival.

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Spreading the Word about Global Radiology by Starting a Dedicated JournalSpreading word about global radiology

Helping others abroad is a large and immensely important part of global radiology. I would like to take a moment to highlight a few other parts that I have had the opportunity to watch blossom. These too add to the infrastructure of this essential movement.

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Notes From the Road

This year's Goldberg-Reeder Fellows go the extra mile in underserved communities abroad.

Bocha forwebBochnakova spent her fellowship at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation in Guyana and hopes to return as an attending physician to support a future radiology residency program.

When you think of cutting-edge radiology, you probably don't image Guyana, Malawi, Nepal, or Peru. The Goldberg-Reeder Fellowship is designed to share knowledge of and assist radiology facilities in the developing world.

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Porting for Patients


In the spring of 2016, I traveled to Nepal with the help of a grant from the American College of Radiology. My goal was to help the department of radiology at the NAMS/Bir hospital in Kathmandu recover after a series of devastating earthquakes.

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RFS Voices: Uganda

3 24

I am overjoyed that I could participate in the recent Imaging the World trip to Uganda as a radiology resident and videographer.

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Global Action

The ACR International Outreach Fund supports radiological projects in low- to middle-income countries around the action 1

In 1997, Apple's powerful “Think Different” commercial concluded with this memorable line: “Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.”

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Culturally Connected: The RFS International Subcommittee

Do you have an interest in bettering the world around you?International

Some of my earliest memories take place at my best childhood friend’s home with her Italian born parents. I distinctly remember running through their backyard with rows of oversized aromatic rosemary bushes and soft, fragrant basil plants.

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Kathmandu: Week 3

A trek outside the capital shows the challenges faced by hospitals in remote areas.Everest

Read about Dr. Kapalczynski’s first and second weeks in Nepal. And check back each week for updates on his project.

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Kathmandu: Week 2

Installing Nepal’s first PACS in a government hospital proves more complex than expected.


Read about Dr. Kapalczynski’s first week in Nepal. And check back each week for updates on his project.

Sitting in the radiology department lounge, I sunk deeper into my worn and somewhat dilapidated armchair as I listened to a half dozen phone calls being fielded by the hospital’s elusive IT administrator.

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Kathmandu: Week 1

A resident’s introduction to Nepal proves exciting, chaotic, and rewarding.


It was my first day in Kathmandu and I remember feeling a bit overwhelmed as my tiny taxi weaved through the dusty congested streets of the Himalayan capital.

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Global Health Informatics

Getting Started

RFS3 9

The ACR RFS International Outreach Subcommittee at the 2015 ACR annual meeting presented several projects that students have worked on in various countries as part of global health elective months.

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Around the World

This year's Goldberg-Reeder Travel Grant recipient headed to Botswana to treat patients and teach hospital staff.

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January 2016

Unsafe water, malnutrition, malaria, air pollution, road traffic injuries, poor access to health care — these are just a few of the health issues residents face in developing countries. Each year, the ACR Foundation funds volunteer radiologists traveling to underserved nations through the Goldberg-Reeder Travel Grant.

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The Scope

A trip to Haiti shows the challenges and potential rewards of providing sustainable medical aid.


A mobile C-arm was the last thing I expected to see in a border town in Haiti. It was donated from overseas and tragically collecting dust. Our host at the medical center said the machine had never been used in the years since it was received. She wasn't even sure if it was functional.

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A Rotation in Japan

There's more than clinical learning to be done abroad.



August 2015

After a recent elective rotation in Tokyo, Ivan M. DeQuesada, MD, sat down with Colin M. Segovis, MD, PhD, RFS secretary, to fill us in on daily life as a resident in Japan, setting up an international experience, and the art of break-room picnics.

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Targeting Imaging Needs and Challenges in Tanzania

A resident’s experience conducting a RAD-AID Radiology-Readiness Survey.


August 2015

By far, my favorite part of radiology residency has been the ever growing presence of global health outreach and my interactions with others in learning about the challenges unique to different countries. I love figuring out innovative solutions to overcome these challenges and generating discussions to spread the spark of imagination.

Recently, I was given the opportunity to be part of a three-person team headed by Dr. Woojin Kim, MD, traveling to Tanzania to help with a Radiology-Readiness Survey being conducted by RAD-AID, a non-profit organization with the overall mission to improve radiology resources in areas of need across the world.

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Final Read

Ronald J. Boucher, MD



May 2015

Q: How does your practice demonstrate the principles of Imaging 3.0™?

As a battlefield radiologist in Kandahar, Afghanistan, I was privileged to serve as chief of radiology on a multinational and multidisciplinary team. Serving during a war reinforced to me how critical Imaging 3.0 principles are to the success of health care. Our radiologists inserted themselves at the beginning of the care process for trauma patients, determining whether the patient needed to go directly to the operating room or get further CT evaluations.

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Fueled by Frustration in Africa

How one student's journey influenced her decision to go into medicine

March 2015

I will confess my venture into global health first began as a college student with the selfish hope to fulfill a childhood dream to go to Africa, with an idealistic naivety that I was about to change the world with a single visit.

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Screening for Health

Breast cancer incidence is increasing worldwide. How are radiologists getting involved?


February 2015

Breast cancer is the is the most common cancer affecting women across the globe, according to the World Health Organization.1

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Resident Rotation at Princess Marina Hospital in Gaborone, Botswana

A resident recounts her time in Botswana


February 2015

The Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania radiology residency program offers a six-week rotation through Princess Marina Hospital in Gaborone, Botswana. I was fortunate enough to participate in this elective from January-February 2014. The following is a short summary of my experience.

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Our Common Language

The 2012 Goldberg-Reeder recipient recounts her experiences abroad.


November 2014

I was fortunate enough to receive the Goldberg-Reeder Resident Travel Grant in 2012 where I studied the barriers and facilitators for mammography screening compliance in Chilean women alongside the Departments of Family Medicine and Radiology at the esteemed Pontificia Universidad de Chile in Santiago, Chile.

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Identifying the 'Imaging Gap' in Global Health

How can radiologists provide access to care for all patients?


October 2014

Radiology has the potential to contribute an important component to evidence-based medicine in United States (US). It is intriguing to know the way medicine is practiced in other parts of the world, especially in resource-restrained countries. Do they rely more on radiographs and ultrasound, or do they depend mostly on the disease endemicity, medical history and physical examination? Empirical literature is available on health care gap across the world, but the literature is severely limited when it comes to imaging resources, their availability and utilization. This raises the need to identify this gap in radiology healthcare and literature to help us build a strong foundation on which we can judiciously and effectively allocate resources for global health.

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Challenges and Lessons Learned

Takeaways from Tanzania and Malawi

Zomba Hospital 1


This year, I had the opportunity to travel to two African nations, Malawi and Tanzania. While in Zomba Malawi this past November, Dignitas International, and staff working at the Zomba Central Hospital kindly welcomed me to their facilities where I was invited to lecture on cervical cancer and participate in clinic.

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Well Traveled

Radiologists look back on their experience with the ACR's Goldberg-Reeder Travel Grant.well traveled

You've just transferred to a new hospital, and things are looking rough. At best, you have an ultrasound machine at your disposal, but no sonographer. Patients come to you clutching their films, sometimes walking for miles to get to your door.

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A Global Impact

A nonprofit radiology organization in the United States helps create a mobile imaging program to deliver screening services to impoverished women in India.a global impact

For a variety of reasons, women in India typically do not seek medical care as they age. As a result, many women never receive screenings for the numerous diseases that tend to afflict women over 40.

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Reaching Out

Radiologists are working to increase access to life-saving breast imaging in nations throughout the world.reaching out

When it comes to breast cancer, the difference between access to screening and treatment resources from one nation to another can be striking. The Bulletin caught up with three radiologists working in countries across the globe to explore efforts to increase imaging, understand cultural barriers, and cut breast cancer rates.

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Global Reach

ACR's Goldberg-Reeder Grant sends residents to communities in need across the reach

In communities throughout the developing world, access to valuable medical imaging remains out of reach for much of the population. With this in mind, each year, the ACR funds projects for up to four residents interested in using their training in a humanitarian project abroad.

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Humanitarian Teleradiology

Radiologists work together to help developing countries from afar, but could short-term solutions undermine long-term progress?Humanitarian Teleradiology

It's a common refrain to those in the international development field: how do we do the most good in the short term while also giving developing countries the tools they need to improve conditions in the long term?

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Global Warming

The College is turning up the heat on its international activities.Global Warming

I admit that I am neither a meteorologist nor a climatologist, but I can tell you that in Texas we had a warm winter and a hot summer in 2012.

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A Helping Hand

Imaging equipment gets a second life in developing nations.helping hand

Imagine while out harvesting grain one day, a young Ugandan woman notices a lump in her breast. She knows the dangers the lump represents, but she also realizes that proper medical equipment is unavailable in her village.

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Living the Legacy

Radiologists celebrate the first annual International Day of the legacy

On the evening on Nov. 8, 1895, in a dark laboratory, Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen saw a shimmering light coming from his work bench as he ran electricity through a tube encased in black paper and filled with low-pressure gas.

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Without Borders

ACR travel grand funds member-in-training volunteerism in Bangladesh and Uganda.without borders

To choose the practice of medicine is to build a life and career around helping patients. In that sense, many physicians inherently feel a strong commitment to assisting all communities in need, whether in their own backyard or across the globe.

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Going the Distance

ACR's commitment to the Haitian radiology community continues with innovative education programs.going the distance

By now, you're probably familiar with the ACR's efforts to help rebuild radiology services in Haiti after a devastating earthquake occurred in January 2010.

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Final Read

Q: Tell us about your international rotation read

During my medical school and internship years at Brown University, I collaborated with my mentor Anne S. DeGroot, M.D., from the Global Alliance to Vaccinate Against AIDS, to identify, raise funds for, and train medical professionals to use an ultrasound machine for a community-based clinic in Sikoro, a slum of Bamako, Mali.

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