ACR Bulletin September 2012

Final Read

Q: What is your favorite aspect of residency?final read

Radiology residency has been the most exciting and inspiring time of my life.

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In Law We Antitrust

Should radiologists be concerned about antitrust laws?in law we antitrust

Occasionally, someone calls the ACR Legal Office with an antitrust question. Usually, the member or group has tried to take an action and has been told simply that it cannot be done as it would violate antitrust law, but isn't provided with further explanation.

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Investigating the Incidentals

ACRIN study assesses the extracolonic findings of the National CT Colonography Trial.investigating incidentals

Despite the fact that colorectal cancer (CRC) is largely preventable through routine screening, approximately one-third of eligible adults age 50 and older do not undergo screening.

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Becoming Decision Makers

Two radiologists play integral roles in Michigan's Certificate of Need program.becoming decision makers

Regulating health-care cost, quality, and access are the three main objectives of the Michigan Certificate of Need (CON) Commission. But it can be difficult to balance such distinct and sometimes conflicting facets of our health-care system.

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Finding Purpose in Meaningful Use

One practice comes out ahead after implementing stage I of the incentive program.finding purpose in MU

Since 1905, Advanced Radiology Consultants LLC (ARC) has provided imaging services to patients in southwestern Connecticut.

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Human Touch

The ACR Commission on Human Resources helps radiologists work appropriately in the medical community.human touch

The ACR Commission on Human Resources focuses its attention on both the interface between radiologists and allied health professionals and human resources issues that affect radiologists.

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Sowing Seeds of Change

The RLI launch event honors leaders and discusses leadership fundamentals.sowing seeds

Leaders and aspiring leaders in radiology who attended the Radiology Leadership Institute's (RLI) launch event in July were awed not only by the picturesque Northwestern University Campus in Evanston, Ill., but also by the high caliber of speakers and instructors, the networking opportunities, and the compelling content.

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In the Patient's Shoes

Radiologists question — and evolve — the patient experience with input straight from the the patients shoes

Unfortunately, receiving a CT, MRI, or other imaging exam referral can sometimes instill a sense of dread in a patient.

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Taking Back Imaging

Can radiologists keep imaging decisions within the specialty without interference from RBMs?taking back imaging

Many payers may see radiology benefits management (RBM) companies which analyze the appropriateness of high-tech imaging procedures, as tools to keep their costs down.

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Chance Encounter

The rise in the number of incidental findings brings ethical and medical dilemmas to the forefront.chance encounter

The increase in CT scans and other medical imaging in recent years has been accompanied by an increase in the number of incidental findings, both in clinical medicine and in research. In many cases, incidental findings can cause ethical and clinical dilemmas for radiologists.

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Déjà Vu All Over Againdeja vu all over again

When you work at Montefiore Medical Center in the Bronx you pretty much have to be a Yankee fan.

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Back to School

ACR has a lot to offer, whether you're looking to keep your skills current or pursue something new.back to school

It's that time of year. The days are cooling off and the leaves are getting ready to change color and fall. Meanwhile, kids and parents are getting ready for a new school year. Nervous stomachs and first-day jitters abound.

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