ACR Bulletin November/December 2012

Final Read

Q: How has state chapter membership benefited you?final read

Each month during my second year of residency in Minnesota, faculty and residents would pile into cars for the hour-long ride to the state chapter meeting.

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Reasonable and Necessary

What does it mean and who decides?reasonable and necessary

Federal Medicare law states, "No payment may be made under part A or part B for any expenses incurred for items or services which ... are not reasonable and necessary for the diagnosis or treatment of illness or injury or to improve the functioning of a malformed body member."1

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Military Might

Biomarkers play a significant role in screening for early lung cancer.military might

Military personnel, both active and veteran, have a high risk of lung cancer. To improve the rate of early detection of the disease, the Detection of Early Lung Cancer Among Military Personnel (DECAMP) Consortium has begun its first research protocol, with both the Boston University School of Medicine and ACRIN® playing key project roles.

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Laying the Foundation

ACR establishes Young Physicians Section to foster the growth of talented early-career radiologists.laying the foundation

While many important resolutions were presented to the ACR Council at the 2012 AMCLC, one in particular should resonate with young physicians and those early in their careers.

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Information Evolution

Change in imaging technology is never-ending. Can radiologists keep up?information evolution

Today's exponential acceleration in the growth and development of new technology was at one time the stuff of science fiction. Now, however, users worldwide are demanding updated and better products, and those products are being developed and produced at breakneck speed.

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Yearn to Learn

What can ACR membership do for your continuing medical education?yearn to learn

Approximately a year and a half ago, the ACR Commission on Education (COE) underwent a major restructuring to more efficiently meet the educational needs of ACR members. The COE is composed of eight members, who oversee 148 physician volunteers serving on 18 committees and subcommittees.

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A True Picture of Radiology

The College's newest institute provides research on the effects of health policy and illustrates the true value of radiology.a true picture

How do you define imaging? For some, it is the means to a successful livelihood for themselves and their staff; for others, it's an indispensable tool used to improve a patient's quality of life.

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Come Together

ACR-managed societies united radiologists and strengthen the specialty.come together

No matter your subspecialty, you'll likely find a related society.

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Living the Legacy

Radiologists celebrate the first annual International Day of the legacy

On the evening on Nov. 8, 1895, in a dark laboratory, Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen saw a shimmering light coming from his work bench as he ran electricity through a tube encased in black paper and filled with low-pressure gas.

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Many Voices, One Cause

ACR Government Relations works to effect legislative change.many voices

Over the past year, the ACR Government Relations Department and state radiological societies worked to effect change on a number of fronts.

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In the Game

As sports concussions gain more attention, radiologists dive in to help prevent further the game

Anyone who's been to a football game knows the sound of helmet meeting helmet, an icy and distinct "crack." Some spectators feel energized by the sport's telltale soundtrack as they anticipate mind-blowing plays and complex strategies.

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Great Expectations

Challenging ourselves to meet the service expectations of our patients.Great Expectations

I came across an opinion article in the New England Journal of Medicine that I thought had some valuable lessons for radiologists.

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Introducing the Harvey L. Neiman Health Policy Institute

The new ACR institute aims to explore radiology's place in the ever-evolving territory of health-care delivery and payment models.introducing harvey

I am very pleased to announce the inauguration of a new ACR institute: The Harvey L. Neiman Health Policy Institute. This new institute is designed to help radiologists shape their future through education, advocacy, and research.

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