ACR Bulletin May 2014

Final Read

Q: What nonclincial subject do you wish had been included in your residency curriculum?final read

I have always loved learning new things. Since my residency and fellowship, I’ve studied languages and crafts, learned new sports, and gotten a couple of master’s degrees.

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The ACR – It’s More Than You KnowACR its more than you know

When they think about it at all, many radiologists see the ACR as an amorphous something far away and with only a tangential relation to their daily lives. Others know it as an accrediting body, a standards organization, or simply as a lobbying group for the profession.

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Spreading the Word

The ACR Commission on Membership and Communications wants you to know what the College can do for you.spreading the word

The Bulletin caught up with David C. Kushner, MD, FACR, chair of the Commission on Membership and Communications, to discuss its strategy for supporting members and communicating the College’s message.

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On the Same Page

What's new in the latest BI-RADS®?on the same page

The much anticipated fifth edition of the BI-RADS® Atlas is here at last. Wil Creech, leader of the BI-RADS team, explains how to make the best use of BI-RADS and why the atlas is so important.

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Leadership Bootcamp

Radiologists at all career stages gathered at the ACR Annual Practice Leaders Meeting to boost their skills, learn from one another, and stay ahead of the curve.leadership bootcamp

Are leaders born or made? The answer is both — researchers believe genetic factors account for about a third of leadership qualities, but the rest comes about through development and practice.1

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Is Social Media Worth My Time?

Four radiologists explain how they make social media work for media

Adding social media to your lengthy to-do list might seem daunting. What value does it offer? How do you keep it from becoming unpaid, background noise in an already hectic schedule?

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Reaching Across

Spanning the doctor-patient divide with user-friendly patient portals.reaching across

In February of 2013, Dacia G. Hodgin, a patient at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center in Winston-Salem, N.C., had a biopsy performed on her ear. Hodgin and her primary care physician didn’t expect the biopsy results to show anything too alarming. But the next day, Hodgin’s doctor called to inform her that the biopsy had revealed a rare form of cancer.

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What Lies Beneath

Relative value units are an intrinsic part of tracking physician payment and productivity but do they show the whole picture?what lies beneath

Take a moment and think back to when you were in middle school. You took a whole spectrum of subjuects, from English to gym. When you received your report card, your grades were predictably based on criteria individualized for each subject — in English, it was the papers you wrote or the vocabulary tests you took. In gym, it may have been how fast you could run a mile.

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Teaching the Teachers

A recent faculty development workshop reexamines the standards approach to CME.teaching the teachers

As technology moves forward at breakneck speed, why do teaching styles remain stuck in decades-old paradigms? With so many ways to take in information, many wonder what value is to be gained by scrolling through a stale slide presentation in front of a room of dozing attendees.

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What Have We Been Up To?

Achievements from 2013-2014 and a focus for the year ahead.up to

We had a great year! The twenty-two members of the 2013–2014 CSC engaged in a variety of activities over the past year to enable the continued effectiveness of the CSC and the council at large.

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Patients and Partners

Engaging patients in their own care to create better outcomes and generate cost savings.patients and partners

It’s old news that patients want the same type of information about health care that they expect from other major products and services.

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A Commitment to Doing It Right

The ACR advocates to bring lung cancer screening to patients in need.doing it right

Last December, the United States Preventive Services Taskforce (USPSTF) finalized its recommendation and gave a grade of B to lung cancer screening with low dose CT.

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Strategic planning: a roadmap to the future.strategery

Before the 2000 presidential election, a Saturday Night Live sketch featured an imitator of President George W. Bush saying the word “strategery.” While this was later attributed directly to President Bush as one of his many mispronounced words, the term became widely popular.

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