Springing Forward

The newly appointed CSC gears up for an action-packed two-year term.springing forward

With the successful 90th Annual Meeting and Chapter Leadership Conference just behind us, I am deeply honored to have the opportunity to lead the ACR Council and Council Steering Committee for the next two years. I want to thank Howard B. Fleishon, MD, MMM, FACR, for his guidance and leadership during the past two years.

Dr. Fleishon has and will continue to be a strong grassroots advocate for our profession. He is a tireless and effective leader for the College. There were many improvements to the ACR (including the Radiology Advocacy Network) and AMCLC (including electronic voting and the popular Appy Hour) during Dr. Fleishon's term that I will continue to build on over the next two years. Like Dr. Fleishon and our predecessors, I plan on appointing work groups to help streamline and focus our attention on pressing matters at hand. The work groups will include the following:

Work Group I: The annual meeting and the transition to the All Member Meeting of ACR 2015

This group will be chaired by Alan H. Matsumoto, MD, FACR, and will focus on assessing the recently completed AMCLC and providing recommendations for improvements for AMCLC 2014. One of the key roles of the CSC is to develop and improve on our annual meeting. Your feedback on the meeting survey is crucial for us to make improvements for next year's annual meeting and beyond. Work Group I will also focus on ensuring greater communication between the ACR 2015 Planning Committee and its Program Subcommittee and the CSC. The work group will also be involved in planning the smooth transition from the 2014 AMCLC to ACR 2015, which will be a greatly expanded meeting designed to appeal to all ACR members. The unique ACR programs, such as RLI, AIRP, and the Education Center, will center on advocacy, economics, practice management, and quality and safety.

Work Group II: Policy and Resolution Development

This group will be chaired by Lawrence R. Muroff, MD, FACR, and will focus on College policy and the resolution-development process. The work group will identify and facilitate potential resolutions both within the CSC and throughout the chapters, in subspecialty societies, and among individual councilors. The work group will also develop a mechanism to enhance resolution introduction and will work to better understand the potential challenges impeding successful resolution adoption. Additionally, the group will work with resolution sponsors to determine earlier in the process the fiscal impacts of resolutions. Finally, the work group will identify a way to link the Digest of Council Actions to pertinent areas of the ACR website in order to make the digest a more useful resource for our members.

I plan on appointing work groups to help streamline and focus our attention on matters at hand.

Work Group III: Strategic Planning

This group will be chaired by Alexander M. Norbash, MD, FACR, and will continue an effort started earlier this year to strategically review the mission of the CSC and better define its goals, objectives, and actions. To date, the group has interviewed a number of current and past leaders in the College to understand the CSC's relationships with other parts of the College, to consider new potential roles it might take on, and to define the areas in which it currently excels as well as the areas in which it could be doing better.

Work Group IV: IT Innovations

This group will be chaired by Sanjay K. Shetty, MD, MBA, and will continue the ongoing focus of the CSC on making the AMCLC more technologically advanced and user-friendly. Building on the efforts of the last several years, the work group will be charged with enhancing the 2014 AMCLC and ensuring a transition to a technologically advanced ACR 2015 meeting.

Common Goals

These four work groups will undoubtedly overlap in their tasks, as they have in past years. The CSC comes together on a regular basis through conference calls and a few face-to-face meetings. These interactions provide opportunities to brainstorm and collaborate as well as to work with the Board of Chancellors and with our excellent ACR staff to make the College stronger.

It is a privilege to serve with the hardworking and talented members of the Council Steering Committee, and I thank them for their dedicated service to the College and our profession. I look forward to our work together to ensure that our profession thrives and that we provide our patients with the safest and highest-quality imaging.

applegate headshotBy Kimberly E. Applegate, MD, MS, FACR, Speaker of the Council

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