ACR Bulletin March 2014

Final Read

Q: Value is a hot topic in radiology right now. What does the term mean to you?final read

The value a radiologist adds to the medical team became apparent to me early in my medical school days.

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Health Insurance Exchanges

As the ACA rollout continues, what should you know about the disputes and litigation?health insurance exchanges

First you have the problem and then you have the litigation. This more-or-less iron rule of American life will be honored once again in the aftermath of the rollout of Obamacare.

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Striking a Balance

The ACR Dose Index Registry® helps hospitals retain scan quality while successfully lowering radiation dose.striking a balance

There can be a fine line between maintaining the quality of an image and lowering radiation dose for patients. One solution for establishing this equilibrium is ACR’s Dose Index Registry® (DIR).

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Center of Support

Radiation oncology is alive and well represneted within the of support

The ACR Commission on Radiation Oncology serves as the nexus for radiation oncology activities within the ACR. Radiation oncology has been an important component of radiologic practice since the founding of the ACR.

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What Makes the ACR Tick?

Ramesh S. Iyer, MD, tells the Bulletin about his experience as a Valerie P. Jackson Education Fellow.what makes acr tick art

During the fall of 2013, Ramesh S. Iyer, MD, assistant professor of radiology at the University of Washington and staff radiologist at Seattle Children’s Hospital, visited the ACR Education Department in Reston, Va., as the Valerie P. Jackson (VPJ) Education Fellow.

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Avoid Getting Burned by the Sunshine Act

You've probably heard of the Sunshine Act, but do you know what it means for radiologists?sunshine act

Does learning more about the Sunshine Act feature on your to-do list? Although the act does not require physicians to actually do anything, ignorance about its implications can have serious consequences.

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Candidates for 2014 Positions

Look who's running for office.candidates

This May at the AMCLC in Washington, D.C., the ACR Council will vote on the following slate of candidates recommended by the College Nominating Committee (CNC).

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Breast Imaging Today

The Chair of the National Conference on Breast Cancer gives the Bulletin a look at the big issues in breast imaging and tour of this year's program.breast imaging today

Chair of the 2014 National Conference on Breast Cancer (NCBC) Bonnie N. Joe, MD, PhD, chief of women’s imaging at University of California, San Francisco, discusses what’s new in breast imaging, weighs in on the 2009 USPSTF guidelines, and tells us the single reason that would make the trip to NCBC worth it.

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Resolve to Evolve

Radiologists boost patient care through the peer review process.resolve to evolve

From our earliest days in elementary school to working as part of a team of professionals, most of us want to feel we’re an integral part of a whole. According to some biologists, it’s not just something we’re taught, either: it’s a big part of our evolutionary history.

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Mythbusters: Radiology Edition

There are a lot of common misconceptions surrounding the imaging specialty. How can radiologists debunk these myths for both patients and referring physicians?mythbusters

Every group of individuals has its own set of myths or stereotypes attached to it, and radiologists are no different. Here’s how to bust some common radiology misconceptions.

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What Would Paul Revere Do?

ACR members at all stages in their careers share their best advice for making (and keeping) professional connections.paulrevere

On April 18, 1775, two men rode through the countryside around Boston, sounding the alarm that the British were advancing. As a result of their efforts, a militia of minutemen was assembled in time to meet the British troops for a battle that would begin the American Revolution.

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Executive Decision

The College's new CEO is poised to take the reins with both hands.Executive Decision

William T. Thorwarth Jr., MD, FACR, sat down with the ACR Bulletin to discuss his years as ACR’s economics chair, his relationships with other societies, and why he chose to give up clinical practice to become the College’s new chief executive officer.

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Part of the Solution

As the health care system shifts, radiologists are on the frontlines of patient care — but ongoing reimbursement cuts from CMS are hampering physicians and will ultimately affect search throwarth

As radiologists, we’re all well aware of, and fully on board with, the need to deliver highvalue health care at a lower cost. We’ve been singing from the quality hymnal for years through our leadership in accreditation and evidencebased imaging.

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In Search of a New CEO

Introducing William T. Thorwarth Jr., MD, FACRactual in seach

The next CEO of the ACR needs little introduction to most of you. He is William T. Thorwarth Jr., MD, FACR. I will come back to him in more detail in a moment.

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