ACR Bulletin March 2012

Final Read

Q: Tell us about a time you advocated for the read

Recently, I had the opportunity to convey — in person — this important message to Representative Gregg Harper (R-Miss.): Radiology is significantly improving our patients' lives.

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Regulation Review

What's new in supervision? Fines, legal expenses, and exclusion from Medicare.regulation review

Editor's Note: This is the first of a two-part article about the supervision of medical imaging. The second part will appear in the April 2012 issue of the ACR Bulletin.

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Sharing Data Safely

The role of technology in productivity and patient safety explored at new ACR meeting.Sharing Data Safely

The relationship between radiologists and technology is complicated. Strides in digital imaging technology enable radiologists to do more work in less time and provide more data that needs to be evaluated.

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Subject to Change

Courses at the Radiology Leadership Institute help you develop and flourish as a leader.subject to change

The ACR Radiology Leadership Institute (RLI) is taking professional education to new heights through an innovative taxonomy and a well-defined body of knowledge, which will shape the way the RLI's leadership certification courses are taught.

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Following New Wisdom

Experienced researchers sign on to guide ACRIN® and RTOG® cancer trials.following wisdom

The importance of outstanding scientific leadership in guiding clinical research that translates into clinical benefits for patients with cancer cannot be overstated. Two leaders, Daniel P. Barboriak, M.D., and Quynh-Thu Le, M.D., have recently begun guiding head, neck, and neurological trials at ACRIN® and RTOG®.

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Preparing a Tradition

Beginning in 2015, all ACR members will get more out of the expanded annual meeting.preparing a tradition

Each spring at the AMCLC, ACR councilors, alternate councilors, and members of the Board of Chancellors and Council Steering Committee (CSC) debate resolutions; discuss hot topics; attend lectures; elect officers, chancellors, and CSC members; and induct new fellows.

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Candidates Nominated for 2012 Positions

Look who's running for office.candidates nominated for 2012

This April at the AMCLC in Washington, D.C., the ACR Council will vote on the following slate of candidates recommended by the College Nominating Committee (CNC).

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Stepping Up to the Mic

ACR Council will vote on more than 35 critical resolutions at AMCLC 2012.stepping up to the mic

The ACR Council will consider more than 35 resolutions related to policy, bylaws, practice guidelines, and technical standards at the 89th AMCLC, held April 21-25, 2012, in Washington, D.C.

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Sketching a New Reality

What will the radiology report of the future look like?sketching a new reality

Over the past century, radiologists have witnessed, and even embraced, many revolutionary developments — from digital imaging to PACS and Radiology Information Systems. Yet one aspect of imaging has remained virtually unchanged since Wilhelm Roentgen discovered the X-ray: the radiology report.

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Underpinning Leadership

The College recognizes practices supporting past board chairs.underpinning leadership

The ACR Board of Chancellors (BOC) tackles many challenges as the executive body of the College, and doing so requires extensive contribution and commitment. BOC members meet in person three times per year or sometimes even more frequently.

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Do No Harm

Have the number of ethical dilemmas in radiology overshadowed the legendary vow?do no harm

Three words summarize the basis of most medical ethic statements: Do no harm, a phrase included in the original Hippocratic Oath. But if he were alive today, Hippocrates might consider expanding on that expression.

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Chipping Away

Modest victories over Medicare’s irrational payment policies could pay off in the future.chipping away

As public policy makers have looked for ways to pay for the ever-increasing costs associated with the Medicare system over the past decade, there have been a number of policy decisions both in Congress and CMS that have specifically targeted and negatively impacted radiology.

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Point, Counterpoint, Recommendations, and Actionpoint counterpoint

In January, I reported the news from the October Board of Chancellors meeting, and I outlined the elements of discussion contained in three point-counterpoint sessions, on RBMs, self-referral, and our identity as radiologists.

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