ACR Bulletin June 2017

Final Read

Raymond E. Bozman, MD, FACR
final read

It was the summer of 1978 and the rising second-year medical student was beginning an elective rotation in radiology at the National Naval Medical Center in Bethesda, Md.

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July 2017 Case of the Month

Gastric trichobezoar with secondary perforation

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Avraham Zlochower, MD
PGY-3, Radiology Resident
Staten Island University Hospital - Northwell Health
Staten Island, NY
Jeremy Neuman, MD
Director of Pediatric Radiology, 
Pediatric Radiology, 
Department of Radiology
Staten Island University Hospital - Northwell Health
Staten Island, NY
Varun Mehta, MD
PGY-2, Radiology Resident, 
Department of Radiology
Staten Island University Hospital - Northwell Health
Staten Island, NY

RFS Member Experience at ACR 2017: Part 1

RFS acr2017The 2017 ACR meeting was an incredible behind-the-scenes experience into the political side of medicine and radiology.

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Growing the YPS

What is the ACR doing to support members entering practice for the first time?Growing the YPS

The ACR Young and Early Career Physician Section (YPS) represents a strong segment of the College at around 7,983 members.

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MACRA and Informatics

How do technology tools factor in to new reimbursement models — and what does it all mean for radiology?MACRA and informatics

As I'm sure you've heard, 2017 is the first performance period of the MACRA-derived Quality Payment Program (QPP). The QPP includes two payment pathways, and almost all radiologists will be scored under the Merit-Based Payment System (MIPS).

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Radiologists and Internet Transparency: You Can Run but You Cannot Hide

Do you know what your patients are posting about you? It's time to look.radiology and internet

Locked away in dark reading rooms, insulated from patients and referring physicians, radiologists can nearly double their RVU production — and that translates into a hefty income differential. Working in isolation, it might seem, can be quite lucrative.

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What You Mean to Population Health

How will shifting health care models affect radiology's role in patient care?what you mean to population health

Fifteen years ago, population health was a "relatively new term, not yet precisely defined." Today, population health — and more specifically population health management — is on most medical specialists' minds, even if they aren't sure exactly how it will affect their practices and their patients.

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Cambodia's Lost Generation

Radiologists trace the collapse of Cambodia's health care system and the road to recovery.cambodia generation

In December 2010, Morlie L. Wang, MD, sat on a flight to Phnom Penh, Cambodia, reading a Lonely Planet travel book. Busy with preparation, it was the first time she had been able to read about Cambodia's history, despite her plans to spend a month in the small Asian country on a Goldberg-Reeder travel grant.

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Radiology Champions

The specialty’s first champion was selected based on his focus on reducing unnecessary imaging for ICU patients.Radiology champions

Jeffrey P. Kanne, MD, was recently named radiology’s first champion in the American Board of Internal Medicine Foundation’s Choosing Wisely Champions program.

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Antitrust in Medicine

Recent legal changes are altering the competitive landscape in health care.Antitrust in medicine

In the past, we have written extensively about the concept of antitrust law while noting that the government seemed to show little interest in using it to regulate consolidation in the hospital and medical insurance areas.1, 2

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From Practice to Policy

How the RAN influences legislation affecting radiology, and how you can get involved.from practice to policy

The Radiology Advocacy Network (RAN) launched in 2012 to educate radiologists about important issues and guide their participation in legislative advocacy.

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