ACR Bulletin June 2014

Final Read

Q: What is the best advice you would give to young radiologists just starting out?final read

Residency is a wonderful place; you may make lifelong friends while learning the fundamentals of a skillset that will support you and your family for decades.

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Tech Trials

Working with an outdated OS could cost you more than just an trials

Isn’t technology always — or virtually always — ahead of the law? Frequently, yes. Courts and administrative agencies regularly decide cases in which a technological solution presents a unique legal issue.

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On the Grid

Check out some of the new and updated eLearning resources available from the College.on the grid

Earning Maintenance of Certification credits can be a daunting task for any physician, and radiologists are no exception. Whether you collect credits by flying in for a conference, attending webinars, or reviewing online cases, the process can be lengthy.

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Running on all Cylinders

Radiologists enhance efficiency using a method originally designed for the automobile industry.running on all cylinders

The common perception of Japanese efficiency has its roots in many facets of the nation’s past. One of these aspects is its history of whaling. Since Japan’s mountainous topography made it hard for inhabitants to cultivate livestock, around 12,000 B.C. they turned to whales for sustenance.

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The Satisfied Patient

Beyond quality medical care, many factors influence a patient's decision to stay with a particular practice or seek treatment elsewhere.the satisfied patient

Most people have had an experience at a restaurant that has deterred them from going back. Maybe the server wasn’t friendly and attentive, the restaurant wasn’t clean, or the wait time for a table was too long. Whatever the hitch, it may not have even involved the food itself.

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Building the Future of Radiology

The Radiology Leadership Institute® aims to broaden its reach and support radiologists throughout the specialty.Building the Future

Cynthia S. Sherry, MD, MMM, FACR, chief medical officer of the Radiology Leadership Institute® (RLI), explains where the RLI is headed and why leadership skills matter for radiology professionals.

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Get to Know Your CFO

Establishing relationships with leaders in your health system can be beneficial for both your department and your patients.Get to Know CFO

For those of us who work within a hospital system, its corporate leadership can seem very far away from our daily lives. The so-called C-suite (home to the CEO, CFO, CMO, and COO, depending on the local vernacular) often seems to exist on a different planet than the reading room.

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Today’s Science Is Tomorrow’s Clinical Practice

Exploring radiology's central role in the age of precision medicine.Todays Science

In March, I had the pleasure of attending the Massachusetts Radiological Society (MRS) meeting. Phillip M. Devlin, MD, FACR, MRS president, was a wonderful host, and the meeting was outstanding.

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