ACR Bulletin June 2013

Final Read

Q: How do you make interacting with patients a priority?final read

When most physicians applied to medical school, they stated during their interviews that they wanted to go into medicine to help patients.

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Beware of Those Bearing Gifts

Business practices that were legal a few years ago may get you into hot water today.beware of those bearing gifts

The government is increasing enforcement of health-care regulations governing physician behavior.

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A Closer Look at CPI

Subspecialty authorities contribute their expertise to one of the college's most popular educational programs.a closer look at CPI

For more than a decade, experts throughout the specialty have donated their time and expertise to ACR's Continuous Professional Improvement (CPI) program.

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Fortress With Moats

California radiologists tackle the challenges of EHR-PACS interoperability and address the requirements of referring physicians.fortress with moats

Radiologists in California are confronting a serious issue with the lack of interoperability between their referring physicians' electronic health record (EHR) systems and their own PACS.

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A Crash Course in SA-CME

An inside look at the ABR's new self-assessment requirements explains how recent changes affect MOC.Crash Course in SME

Things are changing in the world of maintenance of certification. The ABR has introduced self-assessment CME (SA-CME) credits, interactive education activities that include self-assessment tools.

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Worthwhile Trials

Research participation invigorates radiation oncologists.worthwhile trials

Editor's Note: The April ACR Bulletin featured two radiologists whose practices participate in clinical trials. This month, two radiation oncologists share their motivation to pursue clinical research.

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Membership Connections

The tools and resources available to ACR members continue to grow.membership connections

ACR members enjoy ready access to a broad range of valuable experiences and services that help them stay connected and be more engaged. Such activities are central to the work of the ACR Commission on Membership and Communications.

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Direct Access

Online portals give patients easy access to radiology access

When Diana Roberts Wienbroer, 71, of New York City, was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2000, she had a lot of work ahead of her.

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Close Calls

Radiologists remember the cases they almost missed and the things they learned in the process.close calls

It's an unfortunate truth that one of the best ways to learn is by making mistakes. Few things burn an idea into our minds the way a negative event can, especially one that we could have prevented.

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Adapting to Change

In a time of declining reimbursements and increasing government regulations, radiologists evolve to remain integral members of the health-care community.Adapting to Change

No one remembers Camarasaurus. At 75 feet long and weighing 50 tons, the dinosaur thrived during the late Jurassic Period.

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Climbing to New Heights at the RLI Expedition

"The greatest ability in business is to get along with others and influence their actions." — John Hancockclimbing to new heights

The ACR Radiology Leadership Institute™ (RLI) was launched in July 2012 at the Kellogg School of Management on the campus of Northwestern University. I was there, and by all accounts the attendees at the sold out event felt that the program with keynote speaker Jeff Immelt, chief executive officer of GE, was a huge success.

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