ACR Bulletin June 2012

Final Read

Q: Tell us about an educational opportunity you've pursued outside the read

I am scheduled to complete a medical journalism elective for ABC News in New York City in October 2012.

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Without Borders

ACR travel grand funds member-in-training volunteerism in Bangladesh and Uganda.without borders

To choose the practice of medicine is to build a life and career around helping patients. In that sense, many physicians inherently feel a strong commitment to assisting all communities in need, whether in their own backyard or across the globe.

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Hitting the Target

Proton beam therapy eradicates cancer cells with less radiation spill-off. But do its benefits outweigh the cost?hitting the dartboard

The definition and properties of protons are taught in every basic physics and chemistry class. Yet, what most students never learn is that these positively charged subatomic particles are now being used by radiation oncologists to eradicate cancerous cells.

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Close to the Heart

CCTA used to rule out acute coronary syndrome in the ED.close to the heart

In the past, patients who were at risk for acute coronary syndrome (ACS) faced a lengthy stay at the hospital.

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Expanding Outlooks

Radiology Leadership Institute helps radiologists move ahead.expanding outlooks

Next month, the ACR Radiology Leadership Institute (RLI) will formally begin its curriculum to help radiologists reach their leadership potential.

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Leading by Example

Meet the New ACR chair, vice chair, and Economics Commission chairleading by example

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Locally Invested

ACR recognizes its state chapters that have flourished throughout the past year.locally invested

Meetings, education, and advocacy are just a few of the vital activities carried out by ACR state chapters. At each AMCLC, chapters are honored for going above and beyond to support their state's radiology community and for their involvement in organized medicine.

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ACR Goes to Washington

College members visit Congress to advocate for radiology's best interests.ACR goes to washington

On Wednesday, April 25, more than 400 radiologists visited approximately 300 congressional offices on Capitol Hill.

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New Perceptions

Speakers urge members to highlight radiology's relevancy and mitigate uncritical perceptions

As part of Tuesday's program, the economic session included a discussion of the threats to radiology, such as reductions in reimbursement and legislation that could drastically impact the practice of radiology, as well as the successes of the ACR's efforts — both small and large.

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Striving for Value-Driven Radiology

Moreton Lecturer encourages a leadership stance on reduction.Striving for Value Driven Radiology

This year, the much-anticipated Moreton Lecture featured James L. Reinertsen, MD, founder of the independent health-care consulting and teaching practice The Reinertsen Group, who presented "Possible or Passible? Setting Aims for Accountable Health Care." He began by identifying volume as a key driver of any health system's financial success — "especially the volume of high-margin services such as imaging," he said.

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In Pursuit of Excellence

2012 fellows, honorary fellows, and gold medalists represent radiology's finest.In Pursuit of Excellence

AMCLC attendees reconvened Sunday evening to honor three gold medalists, two honorary fellows, and 112 new fellows at the ACR Convocation.

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United We Stand

AMCLC 2012 underscores the importance of advocacy and engagement.united we stand

Encouraging member engagement, undertaking grassroots efforts, and curbing unnecessary imaging were all hot topics during the 89th AMCLC, held at the Washington Hilton Hotel in Washington, D.C.

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A Meeting for all Members

The 2015 ACR annual meeting will be designed to attract all members. But why are we making a change?a meeting for all members

In May of 2015, ACR members attending the AMCLC will engage in a new experience unlike any prior ACR annual meeting — the new conference will include clinical and scientific content. Those who have attended and enjoyed the past meetings may wonder why the ACR leadership has chosen to undertake this adjustment. Let me explain.

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