ACR Bulletin January 2013

Final Read

How do you increase public awareness and understanding of radiology?final read main

I believe radiology is the single most misunderstood specialty both within medicine and among the general public. How do we change this?

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Risky Business?

OIG won't penalize practices offering free pre-authorization of patients' behalf.Risky Business

Does a radiology practice violate the law if it obtains an insurer's pre-authorization of an imaging study on behalf of referring physicians and patients? In a scenario that one group posed, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services' Office in Inspector General (OIG) recently came back with a verdict: no.

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Revealing a Personal Face of Radiology

A new task force sets out to explore the clinical practice of interventional radiology and interventional neuroradiology and advocate for these vital subspecialties.Revealing a personal face

Mrs. Smith was in dire straits. She was bleeding to death during her C-section. Her experienced OB thought she might not survive a hysterectomy and asked for my help.

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ACRIN and RTOG Research in the Spotlight

Exciting new findings lead to advances in patient care.ACRIN and RTOG research

The annual meetings of the American Society for Radiation Oncology (ASTRO) and RSNA provide an excellent venue to showcase RTOG® and ACRIN® research.

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A Shared Legacy

The ACR Archives yield an important piece of history.a shared legacy

It was the summer of 1931 in Paris. As the story goes, Benjamin Orndoff, MD, ACR executive secretary, scanned the crowd, looking for the guest of honor at the ACR Gold Medal ceremony. The same question was on everyone's minds.

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The Rutherford Experience

Radiology chief resident spends a week embedded in government relations.rutherford experience

During the fall of 2011, radiology resident Bhavya Rehani, MD, spent a week with the ACR Government Relations Department in Washington, D.C., as the J.T. Rutherford Government Relations Fellow. The fellowship is named in honor of the first ACR lobbyist and was founded in 1993 to give radiology residents a better understanding of government's role in radiology.

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A Helping Hand

Imaging equipment gets a second life in developing nations.helping hand

Imagine while out harvesting grain one day, a young Ugandan woman notices a lump in her breast. She knows the dangers the lump represents, but she also realizes that proper medical equipment is unavailable in her village.

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Diversified Assets

A new ACR commission seeks to change the traditional face of radiology.diversified assets

The new Commission for Women and Diversity was formed to serve as an advisory group to the Board of Chancellors and to improve the specialty of radiology through mentorship, leadership, and service engagement with an emphasis on diversity.

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More or Less

The Inaugural Policy brief of the Harvey L. Neiman Health Policy Institute reports that the use of medical imaging has declined in recent years.more or less

Clinical utility, financial conflict of interest, physician fear of medical malpractice: these are few factors that drove up medical imaging expenditures in the early part of the last decade.

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Mentorship in Action

Radiologists at all career stages create a culture of support.mentorship in action main pic

Peter H. Van Geertruydne, MD, compares finishing residency to diving off a cliff into the unknown. For many young physicians, this post-residency period is the first time in their career that they face so many choices.

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Taking Imaging to the Cloud

With today's advances in cloud computing, it's easier than ever to share health-care information.taking to the cloud

Not long ago, the idea of sharing radiological images and exams using the Internet seemed impractical. Patients worried that secure information within their personal health records (PHR) would be compromised, and radiologists found it cost-prohibitive.

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Realistic Resolutions

This year let's set some goals that will benefit our patients, our practices, and our specialty.realistic resoluton

If, like me, you make (and break) the same old New Year's resolutions every year, maybe it's time to think differently for 2013.

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A New Year, A New Beginning

The freshly minted Commission for Women and Diversity turns the spotlight on one of our specialty's most important year new beginning

A new member will soon join the ACR Board of Chancellors. The ACR bylaws permit the board from time to time to create or eliminate a commission, committee, or task force "to aid the Board of Chancellors in carrying on specific activities of the College."

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