ACR Bulletin January 2011

Putting In-Training Exams to the Test

For years, residents have taken either the DXIT™ or TXIT™ exam. Soon one of them will be going training tests

The past few years have been a period of extraordinary change for radiology exams. In 2008, the ABR announced that it would be altering the board exams given to residents beginning in the fall of 2013.

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Final Read

Q: Tell us about your international rotation read

During my medical school and internship years at Brown University, I collaborated with my mentor Anne S. DeGroot, M.D., from the Global Alliance to Vaccinate Against AIDS, to identify, raise funds for, and train medical professionals to use an ultrasound machine for a community-based clinic in Sikoro, a slum of Bamako, Mali.

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On Solid Ground

The College maintains a strong position during a tough financial year.on solid ground

As the economy slowly but surely climbs its way to higher ground, the College's finances have also steadily improved. According to the 2009-2010 financial report from ACR Secretary-Treasurer Anne C. Roberts, M.D., FACR, in Fiscal Year 2010, the College maintained a strong financial position.

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The Congressional Forecast for Radiologythe congressional forecast

2010 was another hectic year of the Economics and Government Relations Department. With the election of Sen. Scott Brown, R-Mass., to the U.S. Senate last January, many believed that comprehensive health-care reform legislation could not be passed.

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Protecting Your Peer-Review Rights

ACR's Counsel elaborate on legal issues within the federal and local peer-review processes.protecting your peer review

The ACR General Counsel's Office and the Quality and Safety Department are often asked whether RADPEER™ materials can be subpoenaed or "discovered" in court. As with most legal matters, the answer is more complicated than a simple "yes" or "no."

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Tapping Into Rich Resources

JACR launches new website, continues to provide invaluable tools and content.tapping into rich resources

Why should you take the time to read the Journal of the American College of Radiology (JACR) every month? What makes it so special? The journal is an informative, trustworthy resource for radiologists to use in daily practice.

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The Art of the Question

New reforms create demand for skilled item writers.the art of the question

Well-prepared residents fly through them in less than a minute. They read the question, consider the options, choose an answer, and move on.

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Loud and Clear

Radiologists articulate the advantages and challenges of speech-recognition software.loud and clear

Radiologists have adjusted to many new technologies, but few have posed a bigger challenge than speech recognition (SR).

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Tackling Trauma

Radiologists act fast, think smart to streamline care in the emergency department.tackling trauma

All hospitals maintain one department unlike all the rest: the emergency department (ED).

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The Right to Speak?

Experts weigh in on giving imaging results directly to patients.the right to speak

Radiologists have traditionally served as the "strong, silent type" in the health-care arena. Although they are a critical bridge between the patient and the referring physician, their voices were often unheard or deemed unnecessary.

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Preserving Tradition, Expanding Opportunity

Sketching the blueprints for this year's AMCLC.preserving tradition

The 2011 AMCLC will provide a unique opportunity for ACR members to influence the policy and direction of the College. Preparations have begun, deadlines have been set, and the Council Steering Committee (CSC) anticipates a vibrant meeting in Washington, D.C., from May 14-18.

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Innovation in Imaging Research and Tools

ACRIN® presents research results and unveils image-markup tool at RSNA annual conference.innovation in imaging

New and emerging clinical research findings from ACRIN® were well represented among the 2,600 scientific paper and poster presentations at RSNA's 96th Scientific Assembly and Annual meeting.

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Recapturing the Centerrecapturing the center

Over the past 115 years, radiologists have been blessed by the technological advances of our specialty. In each new era of health-care delivery, some new technology has captured the hearts and minds of physicians and patients.

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