ACR Bulletin February 2013

Final Read

How do you stay up to date with new developments in radiology?final read

It is often difficult to stay current given the time constraints that come with a resident's lifestyle. Overnight call, conference preparation, and textbook reading do not allow for much free time to catch up on the latest medical news.

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A Better Measure for Lesions

Novel quantitative assessment tools hold promise for future use in clinical practice.better lesion

Radiology is evolving into a more quantitative discipline, and unlike qualitative interpretation, which is prone to variability among radiologists, quantitative assessment can improve both the reproducibility of interpretations and the detail of information extracted from images.

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Ahead of the Curve

Honoring the leaders who advance the specialty and inspire us all.ahead of the curve

At each year's AMCLC, the BOC votes on nominations for Honorary Fellows and Gold Medalists. Each recipient of these accolades has advanced the specialty, put in the time and effort to excel, and working hard to bring new value to patient care.

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Getting the Word Out

"Nothing in life is to be feared. It is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less." — Marie Curiegetting the word out

Fear of radiation has been around since the discovery of this game-changing process. And as Madame Curie knew, understanding is the key to overcoming that fear.

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Connecting the College

The CSC Liaison Program brings together the ACR and its members.connecting the college

Over the past several years, members of the ACR Council Steering Committee have increased their outreach to both chapters and subspecialty societies. This outreach has made a significant difference in ensuring that the CSC, the ACR, and state chapters stay informed about issues critical to the profession at the grassroots level.

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A Fiscal Cliffhanger

Don't let political shenanigans distract you from what's truly important — your patients.a fiscal cliffhanger

I was lucky that in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, I only lost my car. So many others' lives were devestated, and many are still recovering.

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Your Board in Action

ACR leaders set new goals for 2013.your board in action

In October 2012, the ACR Board of Chancellors (BOC) and Council Steering Committee (CSC) held their fall meeting in San Francisco. The meeting included presentations and updates on the progress of a variety of projects.

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High-Class Learning

Find out what new and improved education resources are available from the College.high class learning

It's no secret that physicians must earn a large number of CME credits each year as well as a variety of self-assessment module (SAM) credits. And for radiologists, who are among those who must earn the most of these credits, learning (and earning) opportunities come from myriad sources ranging from fly-to and sit-down conferences and lectures to on-demand webinars, workbooks, and websites.

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8 Ways to Maintain a Good Relationship with Hospitals and Referring Physicians8 ways to maintain good relationship

When contract renegotiations roll around, is your practice anxious or confident? When a referring physician or hospital administrator asks to meet with practice leaders, do you expect good news or bad?

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Means to an End

How do radiologists stand to benefit from the next stage of meaningful use?means to an end

It's a common experience: a patient walks into a doctor's office for the first time. The assistant tells her to fill out medical forms before the physician can see her. Then the doctor refers her to a specialist's office, where she is met with reams of paperwork to complete.

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Global Warming

The College is turning up the heat on its international activities.Global Warming

I admit that I am neither a meteorologist nor a climatologist, but I can tell you that in Texas we had a warm winter and a hot summer in 2012.

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