ACR Bulletin February 2012

The Ripple Effect

ACR Clinical Research Center trials create waves of change in patient care.the ripple effect

For more than 40 years, the ACR has supported clinical research endeavors crucial to shaping medical imaging and radiation oncology.

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Final Read

Q: Tell us about a recent change implemented at your read

Since we are a very large practice, even small changes in billing or reimbursement can have a major effect on us. To improve our billing and reimbursement processes, we've made three specific changes.

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Avoid Getting Burned

Affordable Care Act provisions publicize special business relationships and payments.Avoid Getting Burned

ACR members should pay attention to part of the Affordable Care Act health reform law that includes "sunshine provisions" for payments and other value transfers received from pharmaceutical and medical device companies.

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Beyond the Standard

The specialty is indebted to these five leaders.Beyond the Standard

It's not always easy to stand out as a leader in medicine — where intelligence and drive are necessary just to graduate from medical school, succeed in residency, and pass the Boards.

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Finding Ways to Demonstrate Value

New committee promotes and coordinates efforts to measure the importance of imaging.Demonstrating Value

To allow the College to play an integral role in coordinating imaging health-policy research, I am pleased to announce that John A. Patti, M.D., FACR, chair of the ACR Board of Chancellors has recently approved the request of the Commission on Economics to create the ACR Committee for Imaging Health Policy and Economics Research (CIPER).

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Looking on the Bright Side

Here are five reasons why it's a good day to be a radiologist.looking on the bright side

It's easy to sometimes let the challenges of the specialty overshadow its successes. Questions like "How will health-care reform affect my practice?" and "Will reimbursement cuts continue?" plague many ACR members.

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Rules of Engagement

Social media transforms your marketing efforts and captivities your audience. Why wait?rules of engagement

Because many vendors at a farmer's market often sell identical produce, you might buy fruit or vegetables indiscriminately.

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2013 Gold Medalists and Honorary Fellows

ACR invites you to submit your recommendations.2013 gold medalists

It's time to nominate your fellow ACR members or other outstanding international radiologists for the College's highest honors in 2013. 

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Promoting State Chapter Communicationsstate chapter communicatiosn

One of the principal functions of the Council Steering Committee (CSC) is to communicate with state chapters. The commitment of communication and representation of the state chapters has always been evident.

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Planning for the Future in ChicagoPlanning for Future in Chicago

The Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting of the Radiological Society of North America presents a multitude of opportunities for radiologists to learn, network, and plan for the future each year in Chicago.

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