ACR Bulletin August 2013

Final Read

Q: How do you avoid getting burned out?final read

I wish I could say that I've never felt overwhelmed at my job, but I suspect few of us can. I think burnout happens when people start feeling overwhelmed all the time and it starts to affect them negatively.

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Antitrust Revisited

Understanding the specifics of how antitrust relates to physicians.antitrust revisted

The ACR Legal Office continues to receive questions about why federal and state authorities seem more concerned about doctors violating antitrust laws and less concerned about hospitals and insurance companies doing so.

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Research Update

RTOG® reveals next steps to optimize radiation therapy.research update

Participants at the American Society of Clinical Oncology 2013 Annual Meeting received updates on scientific questions investigated by RTOG®-sponsored research involving advances in the science underlying radiation oncology.

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Honored to Serve

The Commission on Ultrasound works to advance the use of this important modality.honored to serve

I appreciate this opportunity to share with the membership a bit about the activities and mission of the Commission on Ultrasound.

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Value-Based Payments

Now is the time to begin participating in PQRS to avoid penalties in 2015 and beyond.Value based payments

Editor's Note: In this age of profound changes in health care delivery models, radiologists must find new strategies to stay viable. One such approach is called Imaging 3.0, an initiative by the ACR to shift the culture of radiology. Imaging 3.0 promotes a change from focusing on the volume of scans read to the value of the patient experience, provides measures that assure quality and safety, requires coordination and collaboration among physicians and patients, and empowers patients in their imaging care.

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The Summer Fun Begins

The CSC jumps into action with its work-group activities.the summer fun begins

The role of the Council Steering Committee as described in the ACR bylaws is to "represent the Council between Council meetings and provide Council liaison with the BOC, subspecialty societies represented in the ACR Council, and chapters."

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Your Board in Action

A summary of the AMCLC Board of Chancellors meeting.your board in action

The ACR Board of Chancellors held its spring meeting at the AMCLC in May 2013. The meeting focused on multiple initiatives that the College has undertaken in the last 12 months to promote and advance the profession as well as to better serve as the voice of radiology.

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Signs of the Times

ACR CEO reflects on his tenure and the future of the specialty.signs of the times

Editor's Note: The ACR Bulletin sat down with Harvey L. Neiman, MD, FACR, CEO of the College, the state of the College, and what's in store for the ACR. Neiman recently announced that he will be retiring in the spring of 2014.

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Rock the Boat

Effecting change with diplomacy and determination.rock the boat

Rocking the proverbial boat can be risky, especially when seas are rough. And few radiologists would dispute that their profession is in the midst of an all-out hurricane composed of reimbursement cuts, commodization, and uncertainty for the future.

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Point A to Point B

Sometimes communication between radiologists and their referring physicians is not exactly straightforward. In fact, seemingly easy concepts can become unnecessarily complicated.point a to point b

When radiologists draft reports, naturally they provide information about the abnormality for which the imaging was ordered as well as any incidental findings.

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Unsubstantiated Claims

CMS revamps its medical claims billing classification system with the introduction of ICD-10 code sets, but will they be more hindrance than help to radiologists?unsubstantiative changes

For the past 30 years, the US health-care industry has used a classification system called International Classification of Diseases, 9th Edition (ICD-9) to identify and report diagnoses and medical procedures for billing purposes.

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Taking the Reins

As the ACR economics team responds to the latest releases from CMS, radiologists ponder ways to enhance their role in care delivery.taking the reins

July 4th is a great American holiday. As a naturalized citizen, I love everything about Independence Day, from the national anthem to the fireworks.

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ACR Searches for a New CEO

"Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality." — Warren BennisACR Searches for new CEO

In case you haven't heard the recent announcements, you may not be aware at the American College of Radiology is looking for a successor to Dr. Harvey L. Neiman, MD, FACR, CEO of the College, who has decided to retire.

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