ACR Bulletin April 2013

On the Ballot

ACR Council will consider a mix of policy, bylaws, practice guidelines, and technical standard resolutions at AMCLC 2013.on the ballot

The ACR Council will consider a broad range of policies, bylaws, practice guidelines, and technical standard resolutions during the 90th Annual Meeting and Chapter Leadership Conference on May 4-8 in Washington, D.C. Below are resolutions that made the February 4, 2013, submission deadline.

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Final Read

Q: Tell us about a colleague who has inspired read

Family and teachers as well as my patients have all inspired and encouraged this country boy to hoe a very long row. However, Michael P. McNamara, MD, stands taller than all the rest.

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New HIPPA Mandates

How will the changes affect you?New HIPAA Mandate

The privacy — and security — of patient health information has recently become more complicated. In January, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services issued a final rule that will formalize changes to HIPAA.1

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Community-Based Studies Lead to Success

Private practices take part in clinical trials to advance the field and enhance patient based studies

Two community-based radiologists whose private practices maintain vibrant research departments make the case that devoting the time and resources in the beginning pays off in the end. They enthusiastically convey the benefits of radiology practice participation in clinical trials — particularly those sponsored by ACRIN® — and discuss the steps their practices took to establish clinical programs.

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Your Board in Actionyour board in action

The ACR Board of Chancellors and Council Steering Committee held their winter retreat in Dallas on January 18-20, 2013. In addition to the usual business of the board, several invited guests made presentations.

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The New First Impression

An effective practice website can increase your visibility and demonstrate value to patients — before they can even walk through your doors.the new first impression

If you entered a practice waiting room to find unclear instructions, a disorderly front desk, and outdated information on the walls, how long would you stay? Probably not long.

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Raising Standards

A health-care improvement organization designs a decision-support system to circumvent the prior-notification process, with promising results.raising standards

Editor's Note

In this age of profound changes in health care delivery models, radiologists must find new strategies to stay viable. One such approach is called Imaging 3.0™, an initiative by the ACR to shift the culture of radiology. Imaging 3.0 provides measures that assure quality and safety, requires coordination and collaboration among physicians and patients, and empowers patients in their imaging care.

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Tweeting the #AMCLC

In the lead-up to AMCLC, here are some tips to help attendees keep up with the action.Tweeting the AMCLC

AMCLC is right around the corner, and what better way to stay connected than via social media? Online platforms will allow conference attendees to network with other professionals, comment on presentations, and draw colleagues' attention to online resources.

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A Brief History of the American Radium Society

We should recognize and appreciate the shared connections between the ACR and this unique society.a brief history

Since the founding of the ACR Board of Chancellors, the American Radium Society (ARS) has featured a representative among its ranks. Nevertheless, many ACR members may not understand what the ARS does or what it stands for.

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Open Access

Maine launches the nation's first statewide image archive to improve patient access

When it comes to sharing X-rays, ultrasounds, and other images, an information gap exists. With no widespread digital networks for sharing images, patients often bear the burden of obtaining and transporting their images from one provider to the next.

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The Practice Menagerie

How can your group leverage a variety of personalities, including yours, to get ahead?practice managerie 1

Imagine you're holding the phone to your ear, calling a referring physician. As you listen to the phone ring, waiting for the sound of a voice, what are you thinking about?

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Kudos to Contributors

The College recognizes the following ACR members who contributed to the proposed 2013 Practice Guidelines and Technical Standards.Kudos to Contributors

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Managing Expectations

Radiology business managers help practices thrive in a challenging business climate.managing expectations

Jonathan Swift once said, "A wise many should have money in his head, but not in his heart." In light of the current political and economic climate, this is a maxim that radiologists sometimes forget.

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Radiology's Unlucky Number

Understanding the story behind CPT® Code 73721 and what it means for the future medical reimbursement.Radiologys unlucky number

CPT® code 73721, non-contrast lower extremity MRI, is the poster child for what has happened on the technical side to radiology reimbursement in the past seven years.

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ACR Supports the Appropriate Decision

"The limitation of the ethical phenomenon to its place and time does not imply its rejection by, on the contrary, its validation. One does not use cannons to shoot sparrows." — Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Ethics1ACR supports decision

The ACR Appropriateness Criteria® are evidence-based guidelines intended to assist referring physicians and other providers in making the most appropriate imaging or treatment decision for specific clinical circumstances. These criteria now cover over 180 topics and 900 variants.

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